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How To Lucid Dream By Osho | Secret of Lucid Dreaming 2023

Are you searching for what is a lucid dream and how to Lucid Dream easily tonight? If yes, then you came on the right platform. Here you will learn how to induce lucid dreams naturally with the help of the teachings of Guru Osho.

Hi, myself is Sandeep Yadav from EasternLucid Academy. I have been practicing and teaching Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, Awareness, Dream Yoga, and Eastern Spirituality since 2015. During that time, I learned many teachings from Guru Osho and found powerful techniques to induce lucid dreams naturally. 

In this article, I will share with you those powerful lessons which will be very fruitful for you in the journey of lucid dreaming and meditation. 

So, whether you are 15 or 50 no matter, you can learn to have lucid dreams whenever you want. At the end of this post, I promised you that you would be left with a powerful technique to induce lucid dreams. So read this article very mindfully. This is my favorite and most loved lucid dreaming technique.

What is a Lucid Dream?

How To Lucid Dream By Osho

A person spends about one-fourth of his life, about thirty years, in sleep, in, dreams. But the dream was ignored, it is worsely neglected. 

Generally, people do not think about it, and they do not pay attention to dreams. This is because people give more attention to their waking time rather than sleeping.

Lucid Dreaming: Lucid Dream refers to a dream in which a dreamer consciously knows that he/she is dreaming inside the dream. This is a miracle and an overwhelming experience.

The Parts of the Mind

  • Conscious Mind
  • Unconscious Mind
  • Super Unconscious Mind

Do you know the mind has three parts? Similar to physical matter which has three parts, the mind also has three. Only one part is mindful or awake. 

The first part of the mind is the conscious mind. You are familiar only with this mind. The second part is unconscious, and another part also exists, the super unconscious mind, the ultimate unconsciousness. These are the three parts of our minds. It is very much similar to physical matter.

So our mind has three parts. During waking time, you live in the conscious mind; You walk, talk, and do this and that with the help of this mind. 

When you go to sleep, the conscious mind stops functioning; it gets shut down when you go to sleep.

Then another part starts to function, which is the state of the unconscious mind. In this state, you are not able to think, but you can imagine and dream. Throughout the night, you go through the eight cycles of continuous dreams.

How To Lucid Dream By Osho?

You just fall asleep like it's some kind of absence or darkness. It's not like that, it has a light of its own. Sleep is not just the absence of wakefulness. If it were so, then there would be nothing to meditate on.

The dream has its own legitimacy. It exists, and it exists just as it does in the waking state. When you start doing meditation and the mysteries of dreams are disclosed to you, you will know there is no difference between waking time and sleeping time.

Both reality and dream exist altogether. Sleep is not only relaxing after waking up, but it is also a different type of activity, and that's why dreams occur.

It will take little time to go into a dream with awareness because you are not aware even when you are wakeful. 

Even in your waking time, you walk as if you were intensely asleep; You are a sleepwalker and unconscious. So, in the beginning, the lucid dream seems very difficult.

Developing Mindfulness Through Activities

Actually, you are not very watchful and awake. Just because your eyes are open, don't think you are wakeful. The meaning of waking up is that whatever you are doing and whatever is happening moment by moment, you are doing it with full awareness, with full attention.

Osho says, " If I raise my hand to point at you, I raise it mindfully. This can be done like a machine, like a robot. You are not conscious of what is happening to the hand while moving your hands. 

In reality, you would not have moved it at all. It is shaken by itself; it is unconscious. Due to this, knowing you are dreaming in your dream is very challenging.

But if someone gives an effort, the first practice is to become more aware when you are awake. The practice has to start from there. Walking on the street, walk mindfully as if you are doing something very precious, very important. Each step must be taken with full Consciousness. 

If you are able to do that, only then are you able to enter into a dream with awareness. Currently, you have a very small, very dim awareness.

Bringing Energy of Awareness into the Mind

The moment your waking mind goes into sleep, that dim awareness vanishes like a tiny wave. It has no energy left; It's dim, just a twinkle, like a zero voltage phenomenon.

You have to pour more power into it, so much power that when the waking mind has vanished, the consciousness continues by itself -- you sleep and dream with awareness, with mindfulness. This can occur if you mindfully do other things. 

You walk, you eat, you talk, and you bathe. Whatsoever you do all day becomes just an excuse for the inner rehearsal to be mindful. 

The place of work becomes secondary, and the mindfulness brought by the work becomes the primary thing.

When you leave the whole activities at night and go to sleep, that mindfulness continues even if you are asleep. Awareness becomes a witness in your dream. You sleep consciously.

At the same time, your body goes on drowning in sleep. You just observe your mind. Then, thoughts start to vanish. You will notice the gaps between the thoughts; slowly and slowly the world goes far away, very far.

You are descending into your internal basement of mind, into the unconscious part of the brain. If you can sleep with consciousness, there will be a continuity of awareness in dreams.

How our Mind goes from Waking State to Dream

Osho means this when he says, ' Meditate on the realization which is brought by sleep and dream. And dream gives you a lot of valuable knowledge because there is a storehouse of your inner wealth, a storehouse of many births. You keep collecting many things there.

What is Lucid Dream?

First, practice being mindful when you are awake. When that mindfulness becomes so strong, it doesn't matter what action or work you are doing—actually walking or walking in a dream makes no difference. 

When you sleep for the first time with awareness, with consciousness, you will notice how the gears of your mind change.

When consciousness starts to disappear, you will also feel a jerk; The waking mind is gone, and another realm; the realm of dream is beginning. The gears of interlinkedness have changed. 

There is a very tiny interval between these two gears which is of idle gear. Whenever the gear is altered. It has to go through the middle pass. 

By and by, you will not only become aware of the change of gears but also the gap between the two.

If you practice this meditation and become conscious of your inner being of dreams, various things will happen. The first thing is that slowly and gradually, the more you become aware and mindful of your dreams, the less you will be convinced of the reality of your daytime.

World is Dream

That is why Indian yogis said that this world is like a dream. Now the situation is just the contrary. Because you have agreed to the reality of the world so much in your waking hours that when you dream, you think those dreams are real too. 

When the dream is happening, one does not notice that the dream is fake. When a dream is starting, it seems very real. It seems very authentic. Of course, you can say it was just a dream in the morning. You can say that ohh my god was only a dream, not real.

But it is not the point because now another brain is working. This brain was not a witness at all; This brain had only heard the rumor news. This conscious brain wakes up in the morning and says it was all a dream, a hoax. This mind was not present at all during the dream.

How can this brain say anything? It has just heard some news. It is as if you are asleep and 2 people are gossiping, and you hear some words here and there in your sleep because they are speaking so violently. Only mixed effect remains.

This is what happens: When the unconscious mind creates dreams and there is a massive movement, the conscious brain sleeps and only hears some information. 

In the morning he says: "It was all a joke. It was just a normal dream. Well, every time you dream, you feel it's authentic. Even silly things appear real and unbelievable things appear honest because the unconscious mind knows no logic or sense.

In a dream, you are walking on the road and you see a dog coming and suddenly that dog is no longer a dog. This dog has become your girlfriend. 

There's nothing wrong with your mind. It doesn't ask, "How is that possible? How did that dog suddenly become my girlfriend?

No problem emerges, and no doubt arises. The unconscious mind knows no doubt. Even such a stupid thing is to be believed; Your doubts about reality dissipate. Exactly the contrary occurs when you become aware of dreams. 

You feel like it is only a dream. Nothing is true; They are just mind-drama. You are the theatre, you are the player and you are the writer of the story, you are the boss, you are the manager, and you are the audience.

There is no one else, only the creation of the brain. When you recognize that, then you are awake and the entire world will transform its quality. 

So you will see that the concern here is the same but in a much longer scenario. The dream is the same. 


It's very, very easy once you understand the secret of dreams and sleep. Otherwise, it seems very, very complicated, almost impossible, how to awake when you are asleep. 

It seems unbelievable, but it's not. It takes 4 to 8 months to go into a dream full of awareness. 

Each night when you go to sleep, try to be alert. But remember, don't try to remain actively alert. Otherwise, you can't sleep. Don't try to stay alert by force, instead keep passive awareness.

So this is all for today. We will discuss more on lucid dreaming and meditation more tomorrow. Till then keep learning but remain alert, mindful, and aware. 

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  1. It is literally amazing. Osho is great. This information deserve 5 Star rating. Thank you so much.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. I have been an avid lucid dreamer for some time now, I randomly stumbled upon your website from and picture that someone posted on reddit about lucid dreams. Thank you for creating a place that could teach people to do the things that were able to do. I wish more people were able to experience lucid dreaming as it has become a big part of my life.

    Thanks again...

    1. Thanks for comment. Wish you best of luck. Happy Lucid Dreaming!


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