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Mindfulness Meditation: Techniques for Lucid Dreaming | How To Learn Mindfulness

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"Learn mindfulness meditation techniques to enhance your lucid dreaming experience. By focusing on the present moment and cultivating awareness, you can gain greater control over your dreams and uncover deeper insights about yourself and the world around you."

Are you looking to learn mindfulness meditation techniques for lucid dreaming? Are you searching for how to learn mindfulness?

You came to the right place. In this article, I will teach you mindfulness meditation in a very simple and easy way. I am learning mindfulness meditation during my school time. I have learned this meditation from ancient yogic books. 

This mindfulness meditation is a very powerful technique for learning lucid dreams. So in this post, you will learn the following topics about mindfulness and lucid dreaming

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • How we lose consciousness
  • Overthinking
  • All Day Awareness (ADA)
  • Mind and its cleverness
  • How Thought Aries

Mindfulness Meditation: Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

Hey reader, I am talking with you, are you aware now? Are you conscious of this moment or you are lost somewhere in the past or future?

Do you do overthinking a lot of the time or all the time? Oh, I am a big duffer. What I am asking? Definitely, you do overthink all the time, I know.

Mindfulness Meditation: Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

So what is the solution? Is there any solution to overthinking? Yes, there is.

Listen, if you do overthink, you become more and more unaware of yourself. And I know, while going to sleep, in bed you do overthink too. This makes your mind restless and unrelaxed. 

So lucid dreaming is very difficult with this type of mind. The mind must be completely relaxed and aware at the time of sleep. Then only in a dream, you can recognize that you are dreaming within the dream.

The only solution to overthinking and unawareness is Meditation (Dhyan). Normally people say that 20 to 30 minutes of meditation is enough for Lucid Dreaming but I don't think so.

Doing 30 minutes of meditation is not enough for Lucid Dreaming.

How To Learn Mindfulness?

To become a self-aware and conscious person which is very important for lucid dreaming, you have to follow the All Day Awareness (ADA) technique. Look, normally people live their life without knowing of 'self'. 

They live their life like a machine, and all day they repeat the same thing. Usually, people do not do the work by being self-aware. This is great misery in human society. No schools or colleges teach their student about meditation, awareness, focus, etc.

But the good thing here is that you can practice this All Day Awareness technique at any time of day which is considered a key to 'mindfulness meditation'. 

Let's take an example. Suppose you are sitting, just sitting, doing no work. Now, what happens. You start overthinking, yes. But wait. 

Now become self-aware. If the thoughts arise in your mind, then instead of going in the flow with that thought, start watching that thought. 

See that this is my thought, and I don't want to go with this thought, then quickly that thought will disappear. Immediately, the next thought will come, do the same thing with this thought also, just watch it and let it go. 

Slowly you see that now there is a gap between the thoughts. If you start watching your thought, you observe that there is some time gap between two thoughts. Note that, you and the thoughts are two different things, not the same.

Now the traffic of thoughts starts to reduce slowly and slowly. In beginning, this is very difficult to do. Many times you lose your awareness and you continue thinking. 

But it is not the problem, it happens in the beginning when you start to do this for the first time. When you remember that you have lost your awareness, immediately bring your awareness to your thoughts.

Watch your thoughts in a similar way if someone watches the traffic from the side of the road. Just observe the thought, don't comment on it that this thought is good and that thought is bad, don't do this, if you do this then you again thinking. 

Become an observer, a pure observer. Don't attach to any events of your mind. 

Listen, the mind is very clever. The mind gives you greed of some beautiful and fantasy thoughts, but be alert, this is the trick of the mind to make you involved in thoughts. By doing this, the mind gets pleasure.

How To Learn Mindfulness

What is the mind? Mind is nothing but the absence of your presence. When from inside you remain absent, then the mind becomes present. Thought starts arising. 

But whenever for a very little time also, if you become present in yourself, the mind vanishes immediately, the mind gets absent, the mind disappears. You both can't remain together. There is either you or your mind, not both. The mind is simply a queue of thoughts, no thoughts no mind.

Mind is a disease. Thoughts are illness. Awareness is a cure, and consciousness is health. Mindfulness is light, and thoughts are darkness. 

Please don't think that thinking is bad, no it's not bad. You have to think in many situations. So, only think when it is needed, and think with awareness. If you do thinking, then from inside, remember that you are thinking. Don't forget yourself. 

Remembering yourself is very important here. If you think by being self-aware, then this is not daydreaming, this is actually thinking with no mind, mind doesn't involve in this type of thinking.

Though this is hard to practice, it can be practiced. You have to practice it. If you want the power of the Lucid Dream, you have to understand your mind, and you have to replace your mind with awareness.

Note: Thoughts are very shy, if you see them they disappear. Use this technique and be a person like Buddha.

This much for today. We will learn more about this topic in the next article. Till then be aware and be focused.

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