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Top 10 Reality Checks for Lucid Dreaming | Success Is Guaranteed | Ultimate Technique

Top 10 Reality Checks for Lucid Dreaming | Success Is Guaranteed

Are you wondering which is the best and easiest Lucid dreaming Method that 100% works for you? Umm, yes there is one method called a Reality Check.

Hi, you are welcome to this EasternLucid Platform where lucid dreamers from different parts of the world come to gain knowledge about lucid dreams and dream yoga which was first discovered 4000 years ago in the east by Indian yogi PATANJALI. 

In this post, we together will explore the reality check technique which definitely going to help you in inducing a lucid dream. 

I have used reality check almost many times to induce a lucid dream, and it works for you too. I have years of experience in this technique and I will teach you how I made this method works for me.

Reality Check For Lucid Dream

Basically, a reality check is the lucid dreaming method in which a practitioner becomes fully aware of his surroundings and asks a question to himself: Am I dreaming now? Is this a dream? Where am I and what am I doing now?

Reality Check: Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

A reality check brings a person to the present moment and makes him conscious of his environment. This technique teaches him to ask a question about his reality. 

This seems a little odd, yes. In the beginning, you may be uncomfortable with this technique because such a thing you have never done before. 

You have to make this method your habit. Every two hours or some sort of interval of time, you have to test the reality. You have to ask a question like: Am I dreaming now? Ask this question in your mind, you do not have to speak loudly. 

This is inner training of the mind in which you are building a habit to ask a question about your reality.

While asking the question in your mind, you have to observe the surroundings around you very mindfully. See the very tiny details of your environment. Mind is very clever and a cheater. 

The mind will say to you, "ohh foolish fellow, what you are asking brooo; it's 100% sure that this is not a dream, this is real life. You naughty guy, don't disturb me by asking such silly questions, let me do overthinking. You just relax, and give me the freedom to do daydreaming."

Types of Reality Checks:

  1. Fingers counting
  2. Pushing a finger through the palm
  3. Jumping in air
  4. Closing your nose
  5. Reading text
  6. Watching time on the clock
  7. Seeing People's faces mindfully
  8. See yourself in the mirror
  9. Math calculation
  10. Rotating fidget spinner

Fingers Counting

The finger-counting reality check is one of the most commonly used reality check methods for lucid dreamers. In this method, you have to consciously count your fingers many times a day. While counting, you will also have to ask questions to yourself like, "Am I dreaming right now? Is this a dream?"

Reality Check: Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

In waking time, you always find you have five fingers, whenever you count your finger. All the time you will get five fingers in your hand, it's obvious.

But it is not the case with dreams, in dreams usually, you won't find five fingers in your hand. If you count your fingers in your dream then you may get six or seven fingers in your hand. 

In dreams, things are not the same as in reality. Usually, our counting skills do not work correctly in dreams because the conscious mind is shut down during sleep.

So, if you regularly do a 'counting fingers reality check' in waking hours, slowly it turns into your habit, and this habit carries into your dream. 

In dreams also, you perform the same fingers counting reality check, and you will be surprised to discover six fingers in dreams. Bingo! At that very moment, you will become lucid in your dream.

So, the only requirement for this method is to perform a reality check once or twice in every hour of your waking time. 

At the time doing a reality check, be fully conscious and aware of yourself and your surrounding. Perform it in full awareness, in full mindfulness.

Pushing a finger through the palm

Now, this is my favorite lucid dream reality check. I had induced many successful lucid dreams through this technique. Believe me, the "fingers counting and this finger pushing through palm" technique work very well for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers.

Reality check lucid dream: Pushing finger through the palm

In this method, try pushing your finger through the palm twice in an hour in your waking time. Try hitting your fingertip to your palm, believing that your finger may pass through the palm. 

At the time performing this method, also ask a question like, " Am I in the dream now?" 

It is sure that, in waking hours, your finger won't go through your in any effort. 

But, here you are building the habit to perform this method in dreams. And in a dream, when you will try to pass your finger through the palm, then it definitely goes through it, and if it goes, you will be aware that you are dreaming now. 

So you become lucid at the very moment when you perform this technique successfully in the dream.

As your dream body is not solid, this body is your mind's simulation. Your mind has created the dream body, so your finger will go through the palm in the dream.

The main point here is to make this method a habit, then only this technique will be carried into your dreams. It takes little time to build this method as a habit, maybe 2 to 3 months, depending on person to person.

Jumping in Air

Jumping in the air reality check for lucid dreaming is a little odd technique. In public, you will find it difficult to perform this method as you cannot jump without any reason in front of your friends or in the office. 

If you spend most of your time at home, then this method is for you. Otherwise, you can go through the other technique of reality check mentioned above or below.

Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

In this method, try jumping in the air, one or two times. You already know that, when you will jump, surely you come down to earth if you are awake. This is obvious, yes. 

But when you jump in a dream, instead of returning to earth, you will keep floating in the air, and you will hardly reach earth. 

In dreams, gravity won't function nicely like in the real world. And in a dream, if you find yourself floating in the air, then this gives a kick to you that you are in a dream. Hurray! you made yourself lucid in a dream. 

Though jumping in the air may feel odd, this actually works. This technique is not for all, only stick to this method, if you can able to perform this reality check many times a day. 

If you only do it once or twice a day, then I am sure that it not going to work for you. You have to do it many times a day, and keep remembering that it demands continuity.

Closing your nose

This is also one of the very powerful reality checks lucid dreaming methods. Anyone can do this in any place and situation. This is not odd or difficult like the 'jumping in the air' method.

You have to perform this method 10 to 30 times a day. This is very easy to perform. Just close or pinch your nose with your hands, and try to take a breath, try to suck air from your nostrils. 

Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

If you are in the real world, then you can't able to breathe as you have closed your nostrils.

But if you are in the dream, then this won't matter that you are closing or pinching your nose, you can still able to breathe through your closed nostrils. You won't feel suffocation even if you close your nose for a long time.

Remember, while doing this reality check, you also have to ask yourself that "Where am I? Is this a dream? This gives a boost to your reality check.

Make a habit of doing this reality check so that it gets registered in your subconscious mind and you will automatically do this method in your dreams too.

Reading Text

Reading text reality check is very is and most loved method. You can do this right now. I know, now you are reading this article, yes. So read one sentence very mindfully, very consciously. 

Lucid Dreaming Methods reading text reality check

After reading one sentence, again read the same sentence, and check whether the words of the text changed or not. 

If you feel that, the second time some words are changed then it might be a dream, you may be dreaming now. Usually, this happens in dreams only.

So to conform, once again read any sentence. After reading it, again read the same sentence. If you find the sentence is exactly the same the second time also, then be sure that you are waking right now, this is the real world, not a dream.

Perform this reality testing method, many times a day. Whenever you read any text, book, or hoarding board on the street, read it twice and see the correctness of the word. If you find anything wrong, or strange--then it is a sign of a dream.

Watching Time on the clock

Time and Dreams won't exist together. You will never be able to find the correct time in the dream. This is a very successful reality check technique. 

This works for every person, and it works 100%. This method never deceives you.

Lucid Dreaming Methods

In this technique, in your waking hours, whenever you watch clock to see the time, you have to watch it two times. Normally, when you have to see time, you see it only once, and it's good. But while practicing this method, you have to see the time two times. 

Firstly, see the time and remember what the time is. After a few seconds, again look at the clock, if you find that time had changed surprisingly, I mean firstly you see that it is 1: 00 am and the second time you see that it was 8: 00 am; then this is a dream.

In dreams, clocks look very wired. You never see the clock in proper condition. And in dreams, people do not recognize the time correctly. Every time you see the clock, you will find different times. 

As the conscious brain isn't functioning during the time of the dream, so it is very hard to see the correct time on the clock, whether it be a hand watch or a wall clock.

Seeing People's faces mindfully

I am dam sure that in waking time when you see someone's face, you do not see consciously. You do not see people's faces in detail. This is because your consciousness level is low, and you keep thinking all the time. 

Lucid Dreaming Methods

At the time of talking with someone also, you keep things on your mind, and you don't pay full attention to people's faces. You keep busy thinking.

First of all, I make you to know that usually in dreams; the faces of dream characters seem blurry. Mainly, the things around us in dream remains blurred. 

As we are not very conscious of dreams, all the elements of dreams, won't simulate in detail. If you become a little conscious in a dream, then you can easily able to recognize this blurriness.

So in waking hours, you have to observe people and the things around you in detail, you have to see people's faces by being mindful. 

Next time, if you will talk with your girlfriend or wife, keep your whole attention on her. See the way she is speaking to you, notice her facial expression. 

If you are walking on the street, obviously you will many people but remember you have to see those people by being conscious, by being mindful.

Soon in dreams also, you will start to observe the things around you very consciously. And if you do this, you will find blurriness, this will help you to be lucid in dreams.

See yourself in the mirror

If you have seen the movie MATRIX, then you have noticed that the glass or mirror of the movie seems much strange and odd. Reflection in the mirror looks horrifying. 

This is because in a dream sense of light or reflection does not work properly. You have to take advantage of this fact.

Reality Check: Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

In the daytime, if you see your face in the mirror, then see it nicely, and observe whether your face looks normal or not in the mirror. If your face looks normal in the mirror, then it's okay, you are not in a dream. 

But in the dream mirror, your face does not look normal. You may find your face distorted or abnormal in the dream mirror.

So in this method, you have to look at your face in the mirror many times a day, and look at it very mindfully. Every time you see your face in the mirror, then say to yourself in your mind, " Is my face looking well? Is this a dream?

Math calculation

If you are a student or a teacher then this technique works for you best. In this reality check method, from time to time you have to do some basic mathematics calculations. You can do the calculation either in mind or on a piece of paper, better to do it in mind. 

Reality Check: Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

You have to do some simple calculations like 13 + 6 is equal to 19 or 11 + 9 is equal to 20. You have to do two to three calculations each time when you perform this reality check method for a lucid dream. 

If you are able to do these math calculations correctly, then you are in the real world but if you fail to do the calculations or if you find it difficult to do calculations, then you might be in a dream.

Listen, calculation or maths work is done by the conscious part of the brain. But while sleeping, this brain remains shut down. So in a dream, you surely find difficulty in doing these maths calculations.

Note that: do not perform very simple calculations like 1 + 1 = 2 or 2 + 2 = 4.
If you perform these simple calculations, then you might get the right answer in a dream, or you may easily be able to do these calculations in your brain. 

This is because these are very simple calculations and your subconscious mind already knows the answer to this type of question due to its simplicity.

So every time when you are doing your assignment or doing your calculation work, perform this technique. Keep practicing it every day for the best results.

Rotating fidget spinner

Rotating a fidget spinner is a very cool and fun thing to do in a free and boring time. You might wonder that is this also help me in inducing a lucid dream.

And the answer is yes this too helps in inducing a lucid dream.

This fidget spinner technique is similar to Cob's totem in the movie INCEPTION. 

Reality Check: Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Methods

The inception movie is fully based on lucid dreaming. If you haven't watched this blockbuster movie till now, then what are you waiting for? 

Go and watch this movie, you will get inspiration from this movie to achieve lucid dreams fast. 

For this method, you have to buy one fidget spinner from the market. Keep this spinner with you all the time. And every hour, rotate this spinner. 

If the spinner stops by itself after a few seconds, then you are not dreaming but if this fidget spinner keeps rotating for a long time or it doesn't stop, then be ready you are in a dream now.


All the methods of reality check mentioned above are very powerful methods to induce lucid dreams. You can go with any one of the above techniques and you have to practice the technique you choose regularly on a continuous basis.

You can practice more than one method also, but in the beginning, try to go with any one of the methods. 

And one thing more, chose those techniques which suit you, so that you can practice them many times a day. Don't choose a technique that is hard for you to practice. 

Remeber that you have to practice mindfulness meditation also. Without increasing your consciousness level, you won't get successful in lucid dreaming.

Thank you for coming to this post.

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