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Vipassana Meditation: Lucid Dreaming Technique | Powerful Lucid Dream Method

Hello readers, do you know Vipassana meditation is one of the most powerful and rare lucid dreaming techniques? This is the eccentric method to induce lucid dreams naturally.

Hi, myself is Sandeep Yadav. I have been learning and practicing lucid dreaming and meditation since 2015. I have learned various methods and techniques for lucid dreams naturally from eastern spiritual Gurus and Masters. I made meditation my passion and lucid dreaming my goal, and I succeeded in it.

Vipassana Meditation: Lucid Dreaming Technique

Today in this article, I am going to teach you the Vipassana Meditation which definitely helps you in lucid dreaming. Here, I will explain to you those valuable lessons of Vipassana that I had learned over the years.

So whether you are 16 or 60 no matter, you can able to learn lucid dreaming and can use it for personal and spiritual growth. Below is the list of topics we will cover in this post.

  • What is a Lucid Dream?
  • What is Vipassana Meditation?
  • Three methods for Vipassana Meditation
  • How does Vipassana help you in lucid dreaming?
  • Benefits of lucid dreaming

Today's world is so busy and the workaholic world, yes. People are working day and night to make a better living but they totally forget to live life consciously. They think that money is the thing that gives them authentic happiness. Nowadays people are worried to be happy.

People are working like machines, like robots. They work, they eat, they walk in sleep. No awareness, no presence. Life is full of restlessness. There is a very need for meditation. People must take some breaks from work and try to be mindful and aware for a very small moment also.

What is a Lucid Dream?

Normally we sleep at night and become unaware of all the things going around. After some time of sleep, we start to see dreams, and tremendous things happen in dreams. But inside the dream, we never know that this is a dream. In the dream, you never question that ohh I think this might be a dream.

Is it possible to know that I am dreaming in the dream?

Yes, it is possible and it is called a lucid dream.

So, lucid dreaming refers to the state of dream in which you become aware of the dream that you are dreaming. It is very cool and exciting. If any night you can induce lucid dreams then you will know that it is the self-discovered heaven. It is the greatest source of ecstasy.

What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana meditation is the process of making the mind calm and bringing it to the present moment. In this meditation, the practitioner observes his breathing, he observes the movement of his each and every breath. 

The practitioner should not increase or decrease the flow of air in the lungs, he just watches the coming and going breath in the nostrils. He has nothing to do with the breath. 

Breathing should be natural, it should be in harmony. As breathing is a continuous phenomenon, so it shouldn't be altered. He has to know the movement of each breath. No breath should go in or out without his presence.

If a practitioner can watch his every breathing clearly, then he will also be able to watch his thoughts, and if he will be able to watch his thoughts, then thoughts will start to disappear, and thoughts will start to vanish. His mind becomes more and more obvious, similar to the clear sky where there are no clouds.

Really, Buddha is great, he discovered such a powerful meditation technique to make to mind free from thoughts. You must know that breath and mind are interconnected, both are co-related. 

If you can see your breath clearly, then you will be able to see your thoughts and you have full control over your thoughts. You have control over whether to think or not, and you have control over whether to use your mind or not, similar to your other body parts like hands and legs

But currently, this is not the case with the mind, you cannot use your mind according to your will. The case is totally the opposite here. 

Currently, your mind is using you. You are in control of your mind. Your mind is the owner and you are the slave. That's why you are overthinking most of the time.

Three methods for Vipassana Meditation

As I have mentioned above also that Budha quoted the term vipassana meditation for the first time and he presented this method in three easy parts so that every people should be able to learn and practice them. You can choose any one of them and start practicing it.

First Method for Vipassana Meditation:

The first method is based on increasing the level of awareness through everyday activities. You do your work without being self-aware. You work, you eat, you walk, and you talk in a sleep state. 

Most people live their life in a state of sleep. They never live their lives consciously and by being aware. You live like a machine, you live like a robot. 

This meditation helps to make our life full of awareness. Actually, meditation itself is awareness. If you are walking on the road, walk consciously. Be aware of the surroundings, and don't get lost in fantasies and thoughts while walking. 

Feel the road and the fragrance around you in the air. Keep your attention on the things you see in your surroundings, but don't forget your ''self''. 

Awareness is a two-sided arrow, keep one end of this arrow with your inner self, and point the other end of the arrow at the things outside you. Remember, keeping one end of the arrow of awareness is very very important. 

Normally people have only one arrow of awareness, and they keep this arrow to external things, and they forget their "self". That's why I say that man lives like a machine, like a robot, with no awareness.

Normally people walk by thinking about something, their body is walking on the road but they are somewhere else in their imagination. The man seems to appear on the road, but in his mind, he may be fighting with his wife, or he may be in the cinema hall with his girlfriend. So we have to change this thing.

If you are eating food, then feel every taste of food. Feel the texture of the food and plate. Do not move your attention from food to somewhere else. This is the correct way of eating food. If you eat food with awareness which is difficult in the beginning, then soon your level of awareness will increase.

Talking with people, keep attention on your words, from inside keep knowing how you are moving your hands while talking. Keep attention to the expression of the people with whom you are talking.

So, if you do your daily activities by being self-aware and conscious, then soon your awareness will increase and you will find the same awareness in your dream. This helps you much in lucid dreaming.

Second Method for Vipassana Meditation:

The second method is based on the observation of breathing. This method is a little simple than the first. 

Vipassana Meditation: Lucid Dreaming Technique

Sit in a comfortable position. You can sit on a chair, bed, sofa, or any other comfortable place. You can do this meditation at the time of sleep also, but it will not be so effective because soon you lose your awareness from breathing and you will fall asleep.

So sit on a chair or sofa, close your eyes, or if you want to keep your eyes open then it's okay. Make your backbone straight, this is important. If you do not keep your back straight, then you may feel sleepy during the time of meditation.

Now observe your breath. If you inhale your breath, your stomach rises up, and if you exhale your breath, your stomach sits down. Feel this on each breath. 

Just keep your attention on the rising and sitting on your stomach with each breath. This method focuses on the awareness of the stomach with breath. The stomach is very close to the source of life. 

Because you know that the baby remains connected with the mother's navel in the stomach. There is the source of life, behind the child's navel in the mother's stomach.

So when your belly rises up with inhaling of breath, it is actually the life energy with rises up. So this method is not very difficult. Beginners should adopt this method.

Third Method for Vipassana Meditation:

The third method is very much similar to the second method. Instead of keeping awareness of the rising and falling of the stomach, you have to keep awareness of your nostrils. 

Each time when you breathe in, you feel the vibration of breath in your nostrils, and the same vibration you feel when you leave your breath.

Keep your attention on the vibration that is generated in your nostrils by the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. Remember no breath should go out or in deceiving your attention. 

Okay, these are the methods to practice vipassana meditation. Among the above three methods, choose anyone and start practicing it. 

You can practice all three methods at once also, but it will be intense. Remember, in the beginning, simple is always right. 
Now we will discuss our main topic which is lucid dreaming.

How does Vipassana meditation help you in lucid dreaming?

So overall, what is vipassana meditation? It is the method to increase the level of consciousness. Through the help of this meditation, we are developing the true nature of awareness. 

I know that you definitely understand that lucid dreaming is fully based on awareness.

Without awareness lucid dream is not possible, it never exists without awareness. The term 'lucid', itself refers to clear, obvious, aware, and light.

The type of consciousness we are developing through vipassana meditation slowly and gradually carries into our dream and makes our dream lucid. 

You can practice this meditation at the time of your bed, and bring your attention to your breath. Just watch your breath, you see that your thoughts are going far, very far from you. Your mind becomes calmer and calmer. 

Slowly you feel that your body starts to go to sleep, you will feel a little unconscious here. And after some time you will completely lose awareness of your breath and you fall asleep.

If you practice this continuously every night, I am dam sure that a night comes, your body goes to sleep, but you still remain aware of your thoughts. You go into a sleep full of awareness. Soon dreams start to come and you will be aware of dreams. 

Consistency is very important here, you have to practice this meditation every day and night. Vipassana meditation seems to be easy but it is hard to practice it every day. In the beginning, you may feel bored or disgusted. 

Remeber this is the trick of the mind to take you far from meditation. Actually, the mind doesn't like doing meditation because in meditation there is no need for the mind, in fact, the mind completely disappears while doing vipassana meditation. This is the reason I termed vipassana the most powerful lucid dreaming technique.


So, vipassana is the very simplest form of meditation. This meditation technique is very beneficial to beginners who want to learn meditation and lucid dreaming. 

Even very advanced yogis and gurus practice this vipassana. And I must make you know that Buddha attained Mahaparinirwan(enlightenment) through this meditation. 

This meditation is known as the method of methods. Lucid dreamers will be benefited from this technique to great extent. 

If you want to do lucid dreaming naturally, you can go with this meditation technique. This meditation is not like yoga, yoga is difficult, and yoga asks for time and space. 

But this meditation doesn't take your time. You can practice it anywhere at any time. By walking, by eating, by talking, by working you can able to practice it.

So this much for this topic. I hope you have learned much from this post. More methods and techniques of meditation and lucid dreaming will come soon. 

Till then keep learning and keep practicing this meditation. Be aware and alert all the time. Who knows might be now you are in a dream. So be conscious and do the reality check. 

Thank you for reading.

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