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Benefits of Lucid Dreaming | Lucid Dream Can Fulfill Your Any Desires

There are many benefits of Lucid Dreams. With Lucid Dream, you can dream your dreams. You can make any kind of dream and can experience it. Any dream you want to make can be made. Just you have to be aware of your dream. 

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

When you will come to know that you are in the dream then you can change the dream as per your wish. You can enjoy whatever kind of dream you want.


Hello friends, my name is Sandeep and I work as a lead writer in Eastern Lucid Dream. I have been learning Lucid Dream and Meditation since about 7 years ago. I have had a lot of experience in this. Today I will tell you about the benefits of learning Lucid Dream in this article. 

After reading this article you will not believe that you can do so much with your dreams. There are so many things about dreams that you just don't know. You have to know more and more about your dream and understand it. 

So without delay, let's start. The aspects that I will discuss in this article today are given below. 

  • Worldly Benefits of Lucid Dream 
  • Spiritual Benefits of Lucid Dream 
  • Sports Benefits of Lucid Dream 
  • Health Benefits of Lucid Dream

Benefits of Lucid Dream

Thousands of years ago an Indian yogi said that Lucid Dreams can give you a lot of knowledge. You keep a lot of things from your past lives stored in your subconscious mind which can be known through Lucid Dreams. 

--> The benefits of watching Lucid Dream are given below in a sequential manner. 

Worldly Benefits of Lucid Dream 

1. Lucid dream gives you the freedom to dream according to your wish. During such dreams, you can create and live the dreams you want. 

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

2. In a Lucid dream you can meet any person. You can talk to celebrities. You can go on a date with your girlfriend or say that you can have an exciting time with her.

3. In a Lucid dream you can meet your dead loved ones. You can talk to them. You can spend the same amount of time with them as you used to spend in the real world when they were alive. It is just like real

4. You can fly like Iron Man and Superman. You can enjoy air travel. It's a lot of fun. A lot of new Lucid dreamers just want to learn about Lucid Dreams so that they can fly through the air like Superman

5. In a Lucid dream you can travel in time. You can go back many years in time. You can see old civilizations. And at the same time, you can travel in time to the future and learn about advanced civilizations. 

6. In Lucid Dream you can enjoy sex. You can have a relationship with whomever you want. And yes, let me tell you that the pleasure of sex in a dream is the same as it is in the real world. Many people also say that the pleasure of sex in dreams is more pleasurable than in the real world. 

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Spiritual Benefits of Lucid Dream 

7. Through Lucid dreams past lives can be known. Although for this you have to master Lucid dreaming at a pro level.

8. Many Tibetan monks use lucid dreams to practice meditation. You will be surprised to know that meditation can be done even in dreams.

9. Fear can be eliminated from the mind through Lucid dreams. By eliminating fear, the mind becomes flexible and it helps in the spiritual path. 

10. The book called Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra also states that through Lucid dreams the level of awareness can be increased to a great extent. That supreme consciousness can also be experienced in which there is no dream. 

Sports Benefits of Lucid Dream 

11. You can learn any sport in Lucid Dream. You can master cricket, football, or any other sport in your dream. 

12. A lot of athletes use these lucid dreams to hone their skills. This is a very easy way to get better at any skill. It does not require time and space. The skill taught in the Lucid dream would have been very authentic.

13. You can also learn in a dream how to keep your mind calm and steady during the game. You can increase your focus. The fears that come during the game can also be eliminated by practice. 

14. Lucid Dream gives you a theater in which you can practice any sport and this practice appears in real life.

Health Benefits of Lucid Dream 

15. In Lucid dreams any person can heal himself. 

16. During a Lucid dream the subconscious mind remains active and once anything is put into the subconscious mind then it becomes reality. 

17. If you want to cure any disease then you have to see that disease getting cured in your dream. In the dream, you have to feel healthy and prosperous.

18. Most of our diseases are mental. That is why it can be healed in a dream. 

19. In dreams you can talk to your subconscious mind and find out a cure for your illness. 

20. You can find the cure for your illness in your dreams. Through your subconscious mind in dreams, you can convince yourself that you are healthy. And you will become what you believe


So you know that many things can be done with the help of a Lucid Dream. With this, you can dream your dreams. You can cure any disease. You can meditate in dreams. You can progress in your spiritual path. 

Through dreams, you can become proficient in any sport. If you are an athlete then you will benefit a lot from it. Similarly, there are many other benefits of Lucid Dreams that you will have to find out for yourself. That's why put your energy and time into learning it as soon as possible.

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