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How to have Lucid Dream Sex । Fulfill your wild sex desire in Lucid Dream | 2022

Are you thinking about how to have lucid dream sex? Do you ever wonder if a sexual lucid dream is possible or not? 

In this post, your all doubt will be clear about dream sex. You will be amazed knowing that lucid dream sex is as joyful as real-life sex. In my point of view, it is even more real than actual sex. The only thing needed in this is that you have to be self-aware. 

After reading this article, the vision of dreaming will not be the same for you at all. You will regret knowing that the treasure lies within you and that you were wasting time in vain. 

How to have Lucid Dream Sex

You will come to know about the power of your mind which you never imagined. So without wasting much time, let me tell you how you can enjoy sex in your dream with the gorgeous girl whom you ever wanted. 

What is a Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreams are those dreams in which you know that you are dreaming. You remain conscious in dreams. Although you are sleeping, you are knowing that you are in the world of dreams.

When you know in a dream that you are dreaming then you can create any kind of dream. You can change your dreams as per your wish. You can dream whatever dream you want to dream, you can experience it, and you can enjoy it. Lucid dreams have been proven by scientists and it is real. 

How to Have Lucid Dream Sex? 

1. When you know in dreams that you are dreaming, first of all, calm and steady your mind. 

2. First you have to maintain stability in your lucid dreams. After that, if your dream is a bit hazy then it will have to be cleared. You can say loudly in the dream that makes this dream clear and bright.

3. Now you have to find a door in the dream. If you can't find the door then you have to make it at your will.

4. If you have found the door, stand right in front of the door.

5. Now think in your mind that when you open the door, a very beautiful lady is waiting for you on the bed. Believe in this with full faith. If you do not fully believe in this then things may not happen as per your wish

6. Now slowly open the door and you will find that the woman you want to have sex with is waiting for you on the fragrant flower bed.

How to have Lucid Dream Sex

7. Slowly you have to go to that bed with light feet. Now you have to talk to that woman. Don't pounce on her like a wild animal. You have to do this very carefully or else you will wake up. 

8. Talk to her first. Ask lots of questions. Meet up with her, then start doing whatever you want to do with her. You have to believe that that pretty woman is also interested in you.

9. While talking, you have to pay attention to one thing you do not tell her that it is a dream. This would be very strange for her. This can make your dream unbalanced.

10. So now you should start doing what you want to do. After that, you already know what to say. Everyone knows, you must know too. 

If you do not know how to do s*x with her, then no problem, search the internet and watch (***that one video), and you will know how to do it. - just kidding 

How to have Lucid Dream Sex

11. Such dreams are very exciting. While doing this, you have to keep doing reality checks from time to time. Don't get so attached to it that you even forget that you were having a lucid dream. 

Final Thought

The lucid dream has many uses. It has many benefits. One of the advantages of this is that you can enjoy intercourse through lucid dreams. 

All you have to do is to find out in the dream that you are dreaming. After that find a door in the dream and stand in front of that door. And imagine that a beautiful woman is waiting for you on the bed inside. Now you open the door and do whatever you want to do to that woman.

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