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Top 30 Best Lucid Dreaming Quotes That Will Motivate You | 2023

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In this article, you will learn about the Top 30 Best Lucid Dreaming Quotes that will motivate you to learn about lucid dreams. Many Yogis and philosophers have expressed their views on Conscious Dreaming.

What is a Lucid Dream?

Let me tell you that lucid dreams are those dreams in which you know that you are dreaming. You can change your dreams as per your wish. You have control over that. You can see anything in this type of dream. You can create any kind of dream and you can live in it. 

Best Lucid Dreaming Quotes

However, you have to invest your time and energy in learning this kind of dream. It takes some time to learn it, about 3 to 9 months. 

The quotations given in this article will motivate you to learn it as soon as possible. In this article, you are going to know very effective Quotations which are really inspirational

Lucid dream quotes are given below in a sequential manner.

Top 30 Best Lucid Dreaming Quotes

1. There exists an ocean like Astral Travel and Lucid Dream to experience but you are still entangled in the river & streams.

2. Indian Yogi Patanjali said many years ago that a Lucid dream can give you a lot of knowledge. 

3. You keep a lot of things about your past lives stored in your subconscious mind which can be known through lucid dreaming. 

4. Some yogis say that the common man will never know whether he is living in a dream or in reality. 

5. Walking in a dream or walking, in reality, is the same thing for an awakened person. 

6. Dreaming is as important for a person as having food.

7. Heaven and hell both exist in the human mind and this can be experienced through Lucid dreams. 

8. We have strange dreams at night and it seems normal at that time. Waking up in the morning we say, hey something was wrong. 

9. In the situation a yogi is in during meditation, a normal person is also in the same situation in a dream. The only difference is that yogis remain aware and people remain asleep. 

10. A person remains asleep while sleeping, but even in waking, he walks as if he is in a very deep sleep.

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11. If there is any gleeful worldly bliss, it is in the dream. You can never be satisfied with external pleasure. 

Best Lucid Dreaming Quotes

13. The amazing thing is that human beings sleep every night and to date, it is not known how sleep comes. 

14. Lucid dreams can fulfill all your wishes. This is a golden opportunity to experience your desires

15. You are awake now. Talking to people. Shopping in the market. Have you noticed that all of this can be a dream too?

16. Dreams are the theater for people.

17. A dream is a doorway to your destiny. People may see their destiny through dreams.

18. Ask a question to your dream people. They know anything that you do not know.

19. All that we perceive is but a dream inside a dream.

20. Learning something in the dream world is similar to learning something in the real world. Our mind acts in the same way both in a dream and in reality.

21. A lucid dream is the king of all kinds of dreams. It is prominent. It is supreme.

22. Although you make the scenes in dreams, but many things are being made on their own.

23. New skills can be learned in lucid dreams. It is easy to learn any skills in lucid dreams. Skills learned in dreams get directly saved in the subconscious mind.

24. Your bed is your great vehicle to travel in heaven and again come back from there.

25. Mother Tantra says that if one is aware of his reality then he becomes aware of his dreams. If one is aware of his dreams, he becomes aware of his death. When one is aware of death, then he remains aware in the journey after death, the bardo.

26. From Yoga Nidra, one can go directly into a lucid dream. (Yoga Nidra is an eastern meditation process.)

27. The biggest hurdle to lucid dreaming is the lack of proper awareness.

28. The most crucial thing for conscious dreaming is "Awareness". If you are not focusing on developing awareness then you are making a major mistake.

29. Indian Vedas say that this world is a dream. Mind is the creator of this drama.

30. Some very ancient Hindu book says that this world is God Bishnu's dream. When God Vishnu wakes up, this world will be destroyed. 

Final Thoughts:

Quotation inspires you to learn something as soon as possible. It makes you more confident. The above quotes will go a long way in helping you on your way to lucid dream learning. You have to believe in yourself. It takes time to learn it. You have to be patient.

Lucid Dream is a very funny thing. This is also very important. You must learn it. I wish you can learn it soon.

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