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Master the Art of Creating Desired Character in Lucid Dreams

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As we all know that creating desired character in lucid dreams can be a fun and rewarding experience.

It allows you to interact with and explore different aspects of your psyche, and can also be a great tool for personal growth and self-exploration.

Why creating desired character in lucid dreams important?

Master the Art of Creating Desired Character in Lucid Dreams

Many dreamers learn lucid dreaming just so that they can do whatever they want in their dreams. But new lucid dreamers face problems in bringing their favorite people into their dreams because they are not skilled in changing the dreams according to their wishes.

If you are a new lucid dreamer, and you want to bring your favorite character into your dream, you can easily simulate any person in your dream using the techniques given below.

Why is it hard to create dream character for beginners?

One of the reasons for not being able to bring the people you want into your dreams is a lack of imagination or lack of faith

If a person is very skilled in imagination then that person can easily bring anyone in his dream. Or whatever person is in front of him in his dream, he can change that person into any person he wants. 

That is why in order to have this type of lucid dream, one must have great imagination and at the same time have strong faith in one's imagination.

So, without delaying much, let us understand that how you can bring that person in your dreams with whom you dream of spending time while you are awake.

Maybe you want to bring your Ex-girlfriend (or Ex-boyfriend) in your dream, or you want to spend time with some very beautiful celebrity in your dream. Well, you can do whatever you want

I often bring my school friends into my dreams and relive my school life which I didn't live well before.

My Personal Experience with creating a desired school time girl

Master the Art of Creating Desired Character in Lucid Dreams

Private Note: May I tell you something special? I often see a schoolgirl in my lucid dreams. And spend a very beautiful moment with her.

I could not do anything during school time, but through lucid dreaming, I was able to do everything that I used to dream of doing while I was awake. Really lucid dream is very unique. Thanks to Lucid Dreaming!

Tips for creating desired character in lucid dreams?

Here are some amazing tips for creating desired dream characters in a lucid dream:

Set an intention before falling asleep

Before going to bed, take a few minutes to focus on the characters you would like to meet in your dream. Visualize them in your mind, and set an intention to meet them in your dreams. 

This can help you plant the seed for their appearance in your dream. And one thing more, fully believe in your intention and don't allow negativity to creep into your mind.

Ask for the characters to appear in your dream

If you are already in a lucid dream and want to bring specific characters into your dreamscape, try asking for them to appear.

And how will you do this? Well, you can do this by talking to yourself in the dream. Start talking to the people whom you want to bring in front of you and soon you find the same people standing in front of you. 

This works because dreams know no logic. It doesn't matter whether the people you are talking to in your dream are standing in front of you or not. They only appear if your belief system is strong. Try this, I am sure it will work.

Use visualization techniques

While awake, try using visualization techniques to help manifest the characters in your dream. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, then visualize the characters in your mind.

See them clearly and in as much detail as possible. The more vividly you can visualize the characters, the more likely they are to appear in your dream. 

You are already familiar with this method, yes? If you keep thinking about a person throughout the day, then that person appears in your dreams at night.

Interact with the characters as if they are real

Master the Art of Creating Desired Character in Lucid Dreams

Once the characters appear in your dream, try talking to them and interacting with them as if they are real people. This can help make the characters feel more "real" and fully formed in the dream. 

If your favorite person comes in the dream, then do not act strangely with him/her. Treat her with love and have a beautiful and adorable time.

Practice dream control techniques

To have more control over your dream and make it easier to bring in desired characters, try practicing dream control techniques. 

This can include manipulating your dream environment, and objects in your dream, developing dream flexibility, increasing sleep awareness, and even changing the course of the dream itself. 

You also have to work on establishing a powerful belief system in dreams.

Keep a dream journal

Finally, it can be helpful to keep a dream journal and record your dreams upon waking. Keep the dream diary on your bed and immediately after waking up write the dream in that diary. 

In the beginning, it is very difficult to remember the dream, so when you wake up, do not open your eyes immediately. 

Before opening your eyes, you should insist on remembering what dreams you were seeing in your sleep. On getting some clue, review the whole dream through that clue and then write it in the diary.

This can help you become more familiar with your dreamscape and better able to control and manipulate it over time.

Finally, following these tips, you can create desired dream characters in a lucid dream and have a more rich and more immersive dream experience.


In conclusion, mastering the art of creating desired character in lucid dreams can greatly enhance the dream experience. 

By understanding the mechanics of dream control and utilizing techniques such as reality testing, affirmations, and visualization, individuals can increase their chances of having lucid dreams and subsequently gain the ability to manipulate the dream environment and characters. 

Remember to take your time and practice regularly, as like any skill, it takes time to master. With patience and persistence, you'll soon be able to create the most incredible characters and scenes in your dreams. Happy dreaming!

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