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Why Do Lucid Dreams Turn Into Nightmares? The Truth Might Shock You!

Hello friends, have you ever had such a dream in which you came to know that you were dreaming? Knowing that you are dreaming while dreaming is called lucid dreaming. These dreams are very surprising because you find yourself in a different world.

Why Do Lucid Dreams Turn Into Nightmares?

Why Do Lucid Dreams Turn Into Nightmares?

Although lucid dreams are very romantic, but in the beginning, when one is learning to see such dreams, then these exciting dreams can also turn into a nightmare. Actually, what happens is that what we think in the dream world, starts happening.

Because the human mind is thinking only about negative things most of the time, due to this habit most of our dreams turn into nightmares. As a result, a lucid dream becomes very terrifying. This is a problem that can be fixed with the right mindset.

Lucid Dreams Turn Into Nightmares | Top 3 Reasons

After all, why does a lucid dream that is likened to heaven turn into a nightmare? The thing to keep in mind is that this does not happen with everyone. There are only a few people whose lucid dreams turn into nightmares. Let us take a look at the top three reasons why exciting lucid dreams turn into nightmares.

1. Uncontrolled Excitement

When you realize that you are in the wonderful world of dreams, you become very excited. You start controlling the dream very quickly. 

Suppose you are trying to fly in your dream but you are not able to fly. Due to this, there is a feeling of despair in your mind. As a result, fear gets triggered in your mind. This can make the atmosphere of your dream fearful.

2. Bad Incident

If some terrible incident has happened to you in real life, it will not leave you even in your dreams. When you become aware in a dream, you may remember this terrible incident. This memory will change your dream and take you to some terrifying environment.

3. Uncontrolled Thoughts

Many times it happens that in dreams we are not able to control our thoughts and unnecessary thoughts start coming into our minds. Some of those thoughts are scary and horrifying. 

As soon as such scary thoughts come to mind, our dream becomes unbalanced. Then in no time, a seemingly beautiful lucid dream turns into a terrifying nightmare.

These three factors can be responsible for turning your lucid dreams into nightmares. I have given you three reasons above, but there can be other reasons too. There are some people who naturally have scary dreams. 

How To Prevent Lucid Dreams From Turning Into Nightmares?

Why Do Lucid Dreams Turn Into Nightmares?

According to research done on dreams, most of our dreams are negative. Our mind keeps reflecting our own thoughts through dreams. Once you become aware in your dreams, you can convert any scary dream into a beautiful dream. Below are some tips to prevent lucid dreams from turning into nightmares.

  • Try to keep your mind calm in the world of lucid dreams. The calmer you are in your dreams, the more efficient you will be in controlling your dreams.

  • After being conscious in the dream, observe the environment of the dream very carefully. Use all your sense organs. If a sound is echoing in the dream, then listen to it carefully. By doing this, your senses will be engaged in the dream environment and nightmare thoughts will not come into your mind.

  • If you feel like your dream is becoming fuzzy or you're waking up from a dream, try touching things in your dream. By doing this your dream will be strong and you will not wake up. Read more: How to make lucid dreams last longer?

  • If you are in a nightmare, close your eyes tightly. By doing this either you will wake up from the dream or you will go into another dream.

  • If a ghost is following you in a dream and you are conscious in that dream then you should not be afraid. Don't run away fearing that ghost, on the contrary, try to catch that ghost. By doing this, that ghost will start running away from you. I have done this many times in my dreams. (Think for yourself, if the dream is mine then why should I be afraid of anyone? How can my own dream scare me? It is because of ignorance that we are afraid of our dreams. Once we come to know that it is we ourselves who are scaring and who are intimidating in our dreams, then all fear vanishes.


You must have understood that lucid dreams turn into nightmares only because of the instability of the mind. Unnecessary scary thoughts that come to mind turn beautiful lucid dreams into nightmares. 

Try to keep your mind as calm and still as possible during lucid dreaming. If the dream is yours then only you should have control over it. Yes or no? Comment below.

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