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Why Awareness is Very Important For Lucid Dreaming?

Why Awareness is Very Important For Lucid Dreaming?

Why Awareness is Very Important For Lucid Dreaming

Look, lucid dreaming is a game of consciousness. It is completely based on human consciousness and awareness. There is no doubt that the higher the level of consciousness of a person, the more efficient he will be in seeing lucid dreams.

Do you believe that you are still awake? Do you feel like you are not sleeping right now? Basically, you will say that my eyes are open and I am reading this article, so I am awake. You are right in this context. But is this what we call waking up? No.

The true meaning of being awake is that you are awake towards yourself. When a person is aware of his inner self along with his external 'self', then he is fully awake. If it is not so, then the person is definitely asleep.

This thing becomes very important for the dreamer. Without understanding this thing, one cannot achieve complete success in lucid dreaming.

What often happens is that when we go from the waking state to the dream state, we completely forget our own existence. During the waking state, we know a little about ourselves, but in very small amounts.

In sleep, we completely forget about ourselves. In dreams, we do not know that we are dreaming. In dreams, our conscious mind is almost shut.

You can change this situation. Anything can be achieved through proper practice. If you want to dream at night lucidly, it is very important to practice during the day.

It doesn't matter what you do all day long. You just have to be aware of yourself. You should know from within that whatever work you are doing is being done by you.

Often we forget this and get lost somewhere in our thoughts. As soon as we get entangled in thoughts, we lose our consciousness and go into imagination. 

Thoughts eat away awareness. That's why think only when necessary. Try to be conscious even while thinking. It is very difficult to do this but it is possible.

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