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Sadhguru On Lucid Dreaming | Conscious Dream Surprise You

Sadhguru On Lucid Dreaming

Sadhguru On Lucid Dreaming

Sleeping consciously is a tremendous opportunity to know death. If one is able to see dreams, then he or she is also able to see their death as well. 

Sleep is very similar to death. Sleep is short death, and death is long sleep. Here, the main point is to become aware of sleep and dreams and that's known as lucid dreaming.

Those persons are referred to as Yogis who not only awake during the daytime but also remain wakeful in their sleep. The whole body goes into sleep but the observer (self) remains aware and awake even in sleep.

Is it possible to become aware in dreams and sleep for ordinary persons?

Yes, obviously, it is possible for all. Wakefulness is the true nature of human beings. Sleep is the result of our ignorance and lack of proper knowledge. The whole world is working in the sleep mode. 

You think you are awake now, yes. But this is not the truth. Only the eyes are open and you are reading this post, don't misunderstand that you are awake.

The true meaning of wakefulness is that whatever you are doing now and whatever is happening now, you know it in its true nature without distraction.

Sadhguru On Lucid Dreaming

If a person is able to remain in total wakefulness during his waking hour then only there is a chance for him to remain awake in his sleep and dream. And if a person becomes able to remain fully awake and alert in his dream and dreamless sleep, then he becomes able to remain awake in his death as well.

Well, this sounds a little odd and complicated, yes, but it is more tough to master it. This is tough to master not because of its complexity, it is tough because you are asleep in your waking hours too.

If you start practicing awareness during your waking times, then you find the same awareness in your sleep as well. This thing takes time to happen. It won't going to happen in a single night or even in a single week. 

If you are a beginner in learning lucid dreams, it roughly takes at least 3 to 6 months to master this awareness game.

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Some Simple But Powerful Tips to Increase Awareness for Lucid Dreaming

Sadhguru On Lucid Dreaming

1. While eating eat with total awareness. If you do thinking while eating then this is a very unhealthy way of eating.

2. While walking, walk with total alertness. Try to feel your every footstep. You can see your surroundings by being fully awake, or can you just enjoy your walking but don't get swept away by your thoughts.

3. If you are bathing, then feel the touch of warm or cold water on your body. Keep your full attention on the process of bathing. Don't get lost in the thoughts of your business activities, friends, or any events. These things are straightforward but quite difficult to practice.

4. If you keep your awareness on the thing you do the whole day, then your awareness starts increasing gradually. You find yourself fully awake all the time. This is the true nature of wakefulness.

5. Collect awareness as much as possible. You will find the same awareness in your sleep. When you drift off to sleep, your body goes into sleep, but you (the observer) remain aware. 

6. The awareness that you have collected from the activities of your daytime, the same awareness is going to help you in the dream state.

7. Currently your awareness is so dim that it quickly vanishes when you drift off. When you increase your awareness through daily work, then it remains as it is in your sleep.

Sadguru says, "Sleep is a great opportunity to master death. For a person who remains awake in dream and dreamless sleep, there is no death. Death becomes play for such a person. He becomes mrityunjay (deathless)." 

Once you enter the state of dream with awareness you become so surprised that this phenomenon changes your whole life. This will be the first time that you know you are not only a physical body. 

You will find that your existence is not only limited to your body, you are beyond your physical body. You are separate from your mortal body.

  • Your whole sleep becomes a meditation if you are conscious in it.
  • You become deathless and fearless, once you master conscious sleep.
  • You will open the profound possibility of joy and happiness once you become aware in your dream.

Dream and sleep are not something to ignore it. No, it is not like that. Sleep has its own importance. Not only in terms of the rest of the body, it is also beyond that. Nighttime sleep is of great importance for a yogi (monk). 

This much for today.

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