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Lucid Dreaming Advanced Techniques, The Ultimate Method

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Self-Awareness for Lucid Dreaming - Ultimate Method

Although there are many ways to master lucid dreaming, the method I am going to talk about today, if you master this method then no one can stop you from learning lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Advanced Techniques

It's all about developing ADA (All Day Awareness). Most of the time in our routine we are not aware at all. We never look closely at our reality to see what is actually happening.

Through this technique, we will see how to see our reality more consciously. In this article, I will tell you about developing awareness related to dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Advanced Techniques

If we train our brains to recognize certain things during the waking state, then our brains will easily recognize dreams as dreams.

Observe People's Face Consciously

We never look carefully at the people in front of us while talking.

One thing you would not understand about the world of dreams is that the scenes we see in dreams and the people we see in dreams are all blurred.

The face seen in the dream is never clearly visible. That face remains a bit blurry. But in dreams, we never pay attention to this thing because we have not trained our minds for this thing.

From now on, if you talk to any person, you will look at him/her very carefully. The first thing is to see their faces clearly whether it is blurred or not.

If you consciously talk to people in this way, your mind will go on getting trained. If you are talking to a person in a dream, then you will definitely look at that person's face carefully. 

And because you are in a dream, that face will appear blurred to you. Seeing that scene, you will definitely know that your reality is not real.

Observe Your Surrounding Mindfully

If you struggle with overthinking, then you know how difficult it is for a person to sit still in one place. 

A man keeps on thinking about something or the other all the time. He can never sit in one place being alert and aware.

But if you want to master lucid dreaming, you have to be aware during the waking state. If you are sitting at some place, then look at the things around you very carefully. Take your senses above everything.

Look around you to see if there is anything that is very strange. If you come across something that is a bit strange, then you should do a reality check immediately.

It often happens that in the world of dreams we never think about whether it is a dream or reality. Even if some strange incident is happening in the dream, even then we do not realize that it is a dream.

During dreams, we are not aware that we are dreaming. The biggest reason for this is that the part of our brain (Prefrontal Cortex) which can differentiate between real and fake is off at that time.

Our logical thinking part is not working at this time, but if someone activates this part of the brain very much through practice, then that part can remain active even while sleeping at night.

So the more aware you are during waking hours, the more this part is active. This part is doing more work when you are very attentive to the things around you.

The more you use this part of the brain, the more powerful this part becomes. By doing this with the mind you are training the mind to be reality-checking all the time.


When you observe the things around you carefully during the waking state, this habit will enter your subconscious mind.


And when you will be dreaming next time, due to this habit, you will see the things around you very carefully in the dream world.

When you do this, you will immediately notice that the things around you are not in perfect condition at all. 

The logical part of your mind will be activated at that very moment. You will easily know that what you are seeing is not like reality at all.

Walk on the Road Consciously

Lucid Dreaming Advanced Techniques

Have you seen any person walking on the road? A person walks on the road in a state of total unconsciousness. While walking on the road, he keeps thinking about something or the other, so he is not aware of his environment.

If you also sleepwalk on the road then you have to change it. Walk very carefully while walking on the road. Observe each and every object around you very carefully.

Watch the vehicles passing by you carefully. Look mindfully at the person coming from the front. 

If any incident happens while walking on the road, then do a reality check immediately. Train your brain in this way to be alert all the time.

When you pay attention to objects while walking on the road, your mind will have fewer thoughts. You will become alert.

Look at the trees beside the road. Look carefully at the green leaves of the trees. Look at everything with awareness.


When you lift your feet while walking on the road, know that you have lifted your feet. And keep your feet knowingly on the ground. Be aware of your every step.


This is a very effective and sure way to increase awareness. In this way, you can develop your consciousness.

Eat food with full awareness

You must have seen yourself eating many times in your dreams. Sometimes you must have seen eating something good and sometimes you must have seen eating something bad. 

Because dreams are often strange, you must be eating something strange in your dream.

But you would never know that it was a dream. And you will know how because whenever you have eaten while awake, you have eaten unconsciously. 

You have never eaten mindfully. You were thinking about something or the other all the time while eating. Your mind was restless all the time. 

You cannot remain conscious even while eating. What great impotence this is.

What has happened to the man? Man has become a slave of his own mind.

Practice Awareness at Bed-Time

Lucid Dreaming Advanced Techniques

The moment before falling asleep is the most important moment for lucid dreaming. At that moment, if you become skilled in handling your consciousness, then surely you will be able to go into the dream consciously.

But most people disturb their minds before sleeping. People like to think about something or the other before sleeping or should say that people have become addicted to thinking.

Totally lost sleep. Lying on the bed to sleep but remaining lost somewhere in thoughts. The body has come to sleep but the mind is still not ready to sleep. 

The mind still wants to wander. This is a great irony of man. In the world of desires, in the world of imagination, in the world of wish fulfillment, in the world of lust, man remains lost somewhere.

From now on, when you lie down to sleep, first you have to take long and deep breaths 5 times. When you take a deep breath, a lot of oxygen goes into the lungs which helps you to stay mentally alert.

Then you have to take your attention to the brain. To see the thoughts going on in the mind. Just have to see don't get carried away by that thought.

You have to see how thoughts come to your mind. When you watch your own thoughts, the thoughts will stop coming.

Take your attention on the thoughts running through your mind. Have to watch every thought that comes and goes. No thought should be such that it should be escaped from your vision.


In the beginning, you may find lucid dreaming difficult but believe me if you keep practicing you will succeed in it very soon.

During the waking state, we are not very aware so we have difficulty in learning Lucid Dream but it can be learned.

Practice increasing your awareness as much as possible. Do every work consciously. Look at this world differently and look very closely. You will be able to learn lucid dreaming very soon.

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