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How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream? So Easy Trick!

How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream

How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream?

'Lucid dreaming' is a phenomenon where the dreamer becomes mindful that they are dreaming. 

The dreamer can control such a dream by his will. It is an engaging and exhilarating experience. But, sometimes it can be a bit surprising and even terrifying experience. 

Do not be alarmed if you are unable to get out of a lucid dream. Because there are many ways to break out of the clutches of lucid dreams and return to the real world.

Top 7 Ways To Wake up From a Lucid Dream

The Classic "Pinch Me" Method

How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream

It is natural to get caught up in a lucid dream fantasy world of your own making. If you want to wake up from a lucid dream but can't wake up, pinch yourself hard. You won't believe it, but pinching yourself hard is a classic yet effective method! 

Yes, you read that right – forcefully pinch any part of your dream body. It may sound silly, but the feeling of pain can often snap you out of your dream state and bring you back to reality.

The "Turn Up the Volume" Technique

How to wake up from a lucid dream

If you are having a hard time waking up from a lucid dream, try turning up the volume! In your dream, "Wake up!" or "I want to go back to reality!"  start shouting like this. You have to shout this loudly while looking at the sky. This will not only potentially disrupt the dream but also help you wake up.

The fun part: Imagine what other people in your dream would think when you scream loudly in your dream. Well, whatever! When you come out of a nightmare, you will feel much more relaxed and better. Try this 'turn-up-the-volume' technique once and see what happens.

The "Run for Your Life" Escape Plan

How to wake up from a lucid dream

This is also a wonderful method. Another hilarious way to get out of a lucid dream is "Run For Your Life"! To use this method, dream that you are running away from a giant talking carrot or a bunch of angry penguins. Start running fast in your dream world. When in a dream you start running away from something, that is, you start running fast, then your heartbeat becomes faster and you wake up from the dream.

When my dreams become scary or I see ghosts in my dream then I react in two ways. If I am conscious in the dream, then I start chasing that ghost. By doing this of mine, that ghost seems to run away and in a few moments this scary dream turns into another dream. 

But, if I am not conscious in the dream, then I start running away from the ghost. Often in dreams, I don't know how to run fast enough and the ghost catches me. As soon as the ghost catches me, I wake up from the dream. I get a little scared but I manage myself. Enough talk, let's now look at the fourth method.

The "Dance Party" Distraction

How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream

Who says you can't party your way out of lucid dreaming? Throw the dance party of your dreams! Imagine being in a crowded dance club. Once you get into that dance club, dance like it's your last dance. Dance, sing, play the music, and let loose! 

The sheer joy and hilarity of dancing in your dream will start to distract your mind. You will start feeling restless. This discomfort will be enough to help you get out of a lucid dream. Also, dancing in the dream will enhance your dance skills in real life. In real life, you will start doing such dance steps that people will go crazy for you.

The "Change Channel" Technique

How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream

In a lucid dream, you have the power to change the channel, that is, to switch to a different dream. If you find yourself stuck in a dream you can't wake up from, try changing the scene. Imagine yourself in a different place or a completely different scenario. 

You can imagine being on a beach, in outer space, or even in a cartoon world! This way you can go from a nightmare to a beautiful dream. You must have a strong imagination to try this technique. If you are unable to visualize accurately, you will not be able to move into the new dream.

The "Call for Help" Strategy

How to wake up from nightmare

Do you know, to get out of a lucid dream, you can ask someone for help in your dream itself? You tell someone present in the dream that I have to wake up from this dream. Then you wait for his answer. 

Last time when I told a woman in my dream that I want to get out of this dream, that woman came close to me and held me with both her hands. Then that woman started shaking me vigorously. I was surprised to see this and I immediately woke up. You can also try this method. Try it tonight and see what happens.

The "Let Go and Surrender" Approach

How Do You Get Out of a Lucid Dream

Sometimes the best way to wake up from a lucid dream is not to try to control it. Instead of struggling to wake up from the dream, sit somewhere quietly. You surrender yourself to the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind creates our dreams. 

Embrace the absurdity and unpredictability of the dream world. Try to go with the flow and let yourself be swayed by the narrative of the dream. This approach can bring unexpected modes to your dream. And eventually, you will find yourself waking up naturally from the dream.

There are some other techniques to wake up from lucid dreams which are given below

  • Stand at some place in the dream and move around on your own axis fastly. Doing this will wake you up from lucid dreams.

  • You can get out of a lucid dream by closing both your eyes tightly.

  • Spank yourself hard in the dream

  • Try having s*x with a woman in your lucid dream. By doing this you will get excited and wake up. If you are a woman, do the exact opposite.

  • Standing in one place for a long time can also cause you to wake up from a lucid dream.

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Ultimately, waking up from a lucid dream can be both challenging and enjoyable. While having control over your dreams is a fascinating experience, it can also be frustrating when you are unable to wake up. You can wake up from lucid dreams using some fun and creative techniques. To get out of the dream, pinch yourself, shout 'Wake me up', ask someone for help, close your eyes hard while in the dream, run fast, etc.

As the famous comedian, Jimmy Fallon once said, "Dreams are like an onion - they have layers!" 

So, embrace the hilarity of lucid dreaming, have fun with the unexpected, and try different approaches until you find the perfect technique. And remember, most importantly, don't take it too seriously. Try to make your dream practical too. Laughter is the best medicine, even in the realm of dreams!

So, the next time you find yourself caught up in a lucid dream, don't panic. Instead, put on your imaginary party hat, dance with the talking carrot, or dreamily pick up the phone and call for help.

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