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How to Remember Your Dreams? | Dreams give lots of knowledge

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Can you remember your dreams? In this "how to Remember your dreams?" post, I am going to tell you some such methods which will help you to remember your dreams.

To learn about Lucid dreams as soon as possible, I would advise you to remember at least 2 dreams in the beginning by waking up in the morning.

Let me tell you that every healthy person dreams 5 to 7 dreams every night. This has been proved by science. You do not remember all the dreams, that is a different matter. If you try to remember dreams then your mind will be more focused on the dream which is necessary for lucid dreaming.

How to Remember Your Dreams

How to Remember Your Dreams?

  1. Take Required Sleep
  2. Maintain Dream Dairy
  3. Improve Memory
  4. Triggering Technique
  5. Dream Recall Affirmations

Below explained the five very effective ways to remember dreams. Read it carefully, understand and apply it. Without delaying any longer, let's move on to our topic.

Step 1: Take the Required Sleep

This doesn't seem like a very important thing but it is a very effective thing. It is very important to sleep at the right time and get enough sleep. If you do not sleep well then you will feel tired in the morning and forget to remember your dreams.

During our sleep, the non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and REM states go on continuously. During the REM stage, we are dreaming. In this state, we have very deep dreams. The REM state lasts 90 minutes. It is very important to have REM periods to dream vividly.

The dreams that come during REM periods are very vivid and can be remembered easily.

If you don't get enough sleep, you won't have as many REM periods. And there will be less vivid dreams which will be difficult to remember in the morning. So you have to sleep at the right time.

You don't have to look at screens and bright lights just before bedtime. By looking at screens like mobiles and laptops before sleeping, the hormones that induce sleep are not activated quickly and due to this, you will not be able to sleep deeply.

Step 2: Maintain Dream Diary

Experts say that if you want to remember something, then you start writing it. When we try to remember something by taking pen and paper, then we remember it well.

From now you will have to make a diary of dreams. Keep your diary next to the pillow while sleeping at night. See, you will become efficient in remembering the dream when you wake up twice during sleep. By the way, a good sleep should be 7 to 8 hours.

How to Remember Your Dreams

Put an alarm on your mobile phone after 5 hours before you go to sleep. When the alarm rings and you wake up, immediately remember your dream. Keep your eyes closed while remembering the dream. This will make it easier for you to remember the dream.

As soon as you remember some parts of the dream, write it down in your diary immediately. If you don't remember the dream then it doesn't matter, you just have to keep trying.

You have to fall asleep again 15 minutes after waking up. Now you have to wake up in the morning at the time you wake up every day.

Again you have to do the same thing, keep your eyes closed and try to remember the dream. As soon as you remember some clues about the dream, write them in the dream diary immediately.

"I will write the dream later", do not make such a mistake. It is very difficult in the beginning to remember the dream. You will forget the dream immediately.

Step 3: Improve Memory

It is very important to have a good memory in remembering the dream. To strengthen memory, you have to balance the mind, body, and food.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. You have to pay attention to your body and the nutritious food you take in this body.

You should absolutely not consume alcohol, tobacco, and other such intoxicants. All these things lower your senses and take you to a semi-conscious state which is a big obstacle for lucid dreams.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then your sleep will not be calm and stable because it is a heavy and indigestible type of food. Such food is of vengeful (
तामसिक) tendency which creates sorrow, anxiety, and disease.

How to Remember Your Dreams

I will not tell you to stop eating meat, but you should not eat more such foods. It is wise to give up such type of food.

To improve your memory, you should take a holy (
सात्विक) diet. Holy foods such as green vegetables, fruits, and simple food which does not contain much spices and oil.

Such food is easily digested and your sleep becomes deep.

You should eat soaked grams in the morning. This will increase your memory power and make it easier for you to remember the dream.

Step 4: Triggering Technique

Understand this technique very carefully. It may be new to you. This technique will be useful to you during the awakening phase of the day.

When you write some dreams in your diary, then you will come to know what things you see again and again in sleep. You have to prepare a list, which includes at least five-six things that you see again and again in dreams.

It may be a human being such as a relative, friend, or neighbor. Or it can be an object, or it can also be a place.

When you see these things while awake during the day, you have to try to remember if you had any dreams about these things last night. You have to calm down and remember. This technique works like a trigger.

If you use this technique, then you will be surprised that in the morning you did not remember any dream, but as the day passed, you remembered the forgotten dream due to seeing some objects.

I was walking in my garden yesterday. Suddenly I saw a cat and immediately I remembered a dream I had seen in the night in which I saw a cat in a strange situation. The cat in the garden acted as a trigger and I remembered the dream I saw the last night. Then I immediately wrote that dream in the note on my mobile.

This method is also very effective. Make sure to use it.

How to Remember Your Dreams

Step 5: Dream Recall Affirmations

The fifth biggest and most important thing in remembering dreams is motivation and affirmation. Motivation toward anything works a lot. If you keep the motivation to remember the dream in the morning, then you will definitely be able to remember it.

Look, this work, to write your dreams in the dream dairy, will seem boring and difficult in the beginning. That is why motivation will be very useful in this.

Another important technique is affirmations. Affirmations are similar to prayer, but it's a little different. When you repeat the affirmations in your mind, it settles in the subconscious mind.

Once anything goes into the subconscious mind, then you will get it, says the Law of Attraction.

So you have to say the following affirmations in your mind every night before sleeping. You have to repeat these affirmations at least 20 to 30 times. If you want, you can also create your own affirmations.

  • I am good at remembering dreams.
  • I remember dreams very well.
  • My memory power is very strong.
  • I can remember all my dreams.
  • I enjoy remembering dreams.
  • Dreams are very important to me.
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Final Thought

Being able to remember a dream is a great skill in itself. Don't be hasty in it. It will take some time to progress. It has been seen in many experiments that the art of remembering dreams takes time to develop. That is why if you are not able to remember your dream in the beginning, then do not panic. You just keep practicing.

When you are able to remember a dream daily then you are ready to experience lucid dreams. Then it will not take you much time to learn it. I hope now you have got the answer to your question about how to remember your dreams.

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