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How to Lucid Dream Fast | What are Dream Signs?

How to Lucid Dream Fast | What are Dream Signs?

Are you not able to lucid dream easily and searching for how to lucid dream fast? Today in this article you will know how to use dream signs to become aware of dreams. Dream signs are considered the gateway to lucidity.

There are many such errors in the dreams that you see, which tell that this dream world is not real. It is an illusion and a dream.

Hello, I am Sandeep Yadav. I am learning and practicing Lucid dreams & Meditation since 2015. What I have learned after years of experience, I am going to tell you through this article today.

How to Lucid Dream Fast

What are Dream signs?

Dream signs are those errors that tell the dreamers that the dream world is not real. These are the clues that happen in dreams that make the dreamer feel strange.

Our awareness of dreams is very low. We are almost unconscious in dreams. We are not aware of what is happening to us.

We walk in our dreams as if we are in a very deep unconsciousness. That is why in dreams we do not know that we are dreaming. We take the world of dreams as reality and adapt accordingly.

If you want to be aware of dreams then you have to train your brain. You have to learn some such arts, with the help of which you will know in dreams that you are dreaming.

One of those arts is the dream sign. If you become proficient in using dream signs then you will be easily awakened in your dream.

Our dreams are not exactly like reality. It has many flaws and ambiguities. If a person is able to find these flaws while dreaming, then he will know at the same time that he is in a dream.

How to Lucid Dream Fast?

Dreamsigns Technique
If you see something repeatedly in your dream then it can be a dream sign. Suppose you see one of your special friends repeatedly in your dream, if that friend comes many times in your dream, then while writing this dream in the diary, you will write it as a dream sign.

Next time when you are awake and you see the same friend, you have to do a reality check immediately to know whether you are dreaming right now or not. You have to practice this over and over again, every single day.

When this practice will settle in your subconscious mind and the next time you dream of the same friend again, you definitely do a reality check. And when you do a reality check then you will know immediately that you are dreaming.

Lucid Dream Signs

Similarly, there can be many other dream signs. As if you are dreaming that your wife or girlfriend is coming towards you and suddenly she becomes a dog. Ordinarily, no doubt appears in your mind. This is because during sleep you are in a certain kind of hypnosis.

During the awakening stage, the next time you will see a dog or you will see your wife, husband or girlfriend, or boyfriend, then you must watch your state carefully and must look around consciously, to figure out if you are in a dream or not.

This is a dream sign, remember this always. You must do a reality check every time something strange happens to you or you are in a unique situation.

There can be many other dream signs such as your relatives, your teachers, your neighbors, an animal, a place, etc.

How to Lucid Dream for Beginners | Dream Signs

So let me tell you how you can become conscious of your dream by recognizing the dream signs.

Keep a dream notebook

As soon as you wake up in the morning, write down all the dreams you saw at night in a diary. Science says that man sees 5 to 7 dreams every single night. There is no night in which he does not dream.

How to Lucid Dream Fast

Don't be discouraged if you can't remember a single dream in the morning. You must have dreamed but you forgot. You keep on trying. Any dream you remember, write it in a diary immediately.

Make a notebook to write down the dreams you saw in the night. When you have written at least a dozen or more than 12 dreams in your notebook, you will be ready for the next step.

Categorize your dream signs

Categorize all the dreams you have written so far in the notebook. Read all those dreams again carefully and mark the dream signs. Underline an object seen in a dream if you think it may be a dream sign.

Set goals to do reality checks

First of all you have to find and extract the dream sign from your dream notebook. When you get some dreamsigns, then you have to set the goal that whenever you see those dreamsigns again, you will definitely check reality. After seeing these dream signs during waking hours, observe your environment carefully and ask yourself if "I am dreaming now."


After seeing the dream sign, you will have to do reality checks every day. Every day set goals and see whether you are able to fulfill those goals or not. You have to observe how many goals you have completed and how many you missed.

If you miss any dream sign, I mean you saw a dream sign but you forgot to check reality. If this happens to you, then you should give more priority to that dream sign.

How to Lucid Dream Fast

You can write something on your palm as a reminder or you can write a reality check reminder on your mobile phone wallpaper. If you use a computer, then you can also write it on the wallpaper of your computer. You can write at the door of the house or you can also write at the place where you go frequently.

Lucid Dreams FAQ

What induces lucid dreams?

Experts say that if you use the Reality Check and MILD technique together, then soon you will able to induce lucid dreams.

Is there a drug for lucid dreams?

Yes, there is. Huperzine-A is a very strong drug. It helps dreamers to see vivid dreams with much clarity. Thus, it may trigger lucidity in dreams as it makes dreams much clear.

Are lucid dreams safe?

Yes, Lucid Dreams are completely safe. It is the natural state of dream which occurs during REM sleep. Many Indian and Tibetan monks use this type of dream for advanced meditation.

Can you get stuck in a dream?

No, it is not possible. It is only a fictional concept. Most people think that they may get stuck in a dream and never come out of that. But it is completely a blind myth. The dream is a natural state of mind and it is completely safe.

How long do lucid dreams last?

It depends on person to person. For beginners, it may last for a few seconds to some minutes. But for advanced lucid dreamers like me, it last until I want to come out of a lucid dream. Many advanced Yogis remain in lucid dreams during the whole night of sleep.

Final Thought

Dream Sign is a very effective door through which you can directly enter into a conscious dream. It is also known as the gateway to the Lucid Dream. Along with Dreamsigns, you must also know about Reality Check to get success in Lucid Dream with this technique. The reality check is a very important part of this technique, definitely learn it. Dream signs are very easy to recognize, you just need to have a good dream diary.

I hope that after reading this "how to lucid dream fast: Dreamsigns" post, now you have come to know about the dream sign very well. And later with the help of this technique, you will definitely be able to learn lucid dreaming. Thank you.

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