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How to Fall Asleep Consciously? Unlock the Secret to Blissful Sleep!

How to Fall Asleep Consciously?

According to Tibetan yogis, in order to fall asleep consciously, you have to raise your level of awareness

Right now your level of awareness is very low. Your consciousness is just like a zero-voltage phenomenon. That's why this dim awareness vanishes very easily when you sleep.

Mother Tantra says, if a person is fully conscious in his waking state, then that person will also be conscious in his dreams during his sleep.

Going to sleep consciously is also a kind of meditation. Consciousness is a common word but it is tough to increase it or to live consciously every moment. Once you are able to go into your sleep consciously some night, you will be amazed to see how your consciousness changes. This thing is so unique that it has the power to change your whole life.

What is conscious sleep?

How to Fall Asleep Consciously

Conscious sleep is also called lucid sleep. In this type of sleep, you know that you are sleeping. You are indirectly knowing that you are sleeping on the bed right now. You are aware that your body is asleep and at the same time you consciously see and feel the dreams that arise during sleep.

Benefits of Falling Asleep Consciously

There are many benefits to falling asleep consciously, including:

  • Better sleep quality: By being present in the moment and letting go of stress and worries, you'll sleep more deeply and have a more restful night.

  • Improved mental health: Conscious sleep can improve your mood, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and enhance overall mental health.

  • Increased focus and productivity: A good night's sleep can help you feel more alert and focused during the day, improving your productivity and creativity.

  • Emotional regulation: Conscious sleep can help people process and regulate their emotions. They can use their lucid dreams to work through difficult experiences and emotions and find a sense of catharsis.

  • Improved problem-solving skills: Lucid dreams can also help individuals find solutions to problems they are facing in their waking lives. The dream state can provide a different perspective and allow for new insights.

  • Better self-awareness: Practicing conscious sleep can increase self-awareness, allowing individuals to gain insights into their subconscious thoughts, desires, and beliefs.

  • Overcoming fears: Lucid dreaming can be used as a tool to overcome phobias and fears by gradually exposing oneself to fear in a controlled, dream environment.

Tips for Falling Asleep Consciously

Here are some tips to help you fall asleep consciously:

Increasing Awareness Level Through Actions

How to Fall Asleep Consciously

Do you do every work consciously or do you do it in your sleep? I am sure you do your daily work in autopilot mode. Doing things in auto-pilot mode doesn't increase our awareness.

From now on, whatever work you do in your daily life, do it consciously. When you are doing some work, know from within that you are doing the work. Keep your full attention on the work you are doing.

While brushing, keep your focus on brushing. If a thought comes to your mind while brushing, don't get carried away with that thought. Look at that thought and let it go.


Similarly, while exercising, be aware that you are exercising. While taking bath, take bath with full awareness. Feel the water falling on your body. Take your attention to whether the touch of water is cold or hot.

All I am trying to say is that you should do every work knowingly. It should not happen that your body is doing one thing and your mind is engrossed in the thought of some other work. This is absolutely the wrong way to live life.

Where the body is, the mind should also be there. There should be deep harmony between body and mind. When our body is somewhere else and our mind is somewhere else, then the bond of inner harmony is broken. This results in fatigue, anxiety, and depression, as well as a lowering of the level of awareness.

The best way to develop awareness is through action. You must know that whatever we do throughout the day, our dreams are also created by that. If you practice awareness throughout the day, then this awareness will remain even in sleep.

Waking up to work makes work secondary and the awareness gained through work becomes primary.

Becoming Aware of your breath | Bedtime Practice

How to Fall Asleep Consciously

Most people keep on thinking throughout the day and the surprising thing is that they keep on overthinking even while sleeping at night. 

The mind has become so fickle and unstable that it does not stop thinking even while sleeping at night.

This bad habit of humans to keep thinking while lying in bed before sleeping will one day completely ruin the sleep process. If you want to get into the depths of sleep with awareness, then you have to adopt bedtime meditation except overthinking before sleeping.

First of all, lie down on the bed in a comfortable position, then take deep breaths 5 to 8 times and leave. Taking deep and long breaths increases the flow of oxygen in the blood, due to which alertness also increases.

Now focus your attention on the breath coming and going. When sleep starts coming, awareness starts to be lost. You must not allow yourself to lose your awareness because, with the help of this awareness, you are going to go to sleep consciously. That's why it is important to keep the focus on the breath.

When the breath comes in from outside through your nose, then know that the breath has come in. Similarly, when the breath goes out, then know that the breath has gone out. Come what may, you must not let your attention drift away from the breath.

In the beginning, you will have a lot of trouble doing this meditation. Many times it will happen that you will not even know when your attention has shifted from the breath. It will take some time but this method is very effective. This method has the ability to lull anyone into conscious sleep, it just takes a lot of practice.

MILD Technique

How to Fall Asleep Consciously

The MILD technique, whose full name is Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dream, this method can also prove to be effective in this experiment. This method will not take you straight to conscious sleep but it can certainly wake you up during your dreams. In this method, you do not have to do much, just repeat some affirmations in your mind before going to bed. Such as:

  • In the dream, I will know that I am dreaming.
  • Today I will be conscious in my dreams.
  • Being aware in dreams is a left-hand game for me.
  • I remember very well all the dreams I saw in my sleep in the morning. 
  • I am very skilled at lucid dreaming.
  • In the dream, I will know that I am in the dream.

In the same way, you have to go to sleep repeating two or three affirmations. It would be better to choose only one affirmation and go to sleep repeating it. You can repeat the affirmations that I have mentioned above or you can also create your own affirmation if you want.

Wrapping Up:

It is not that easy to fall asleep consciously. You will need a lot of practice and energy. That's why do every work consciously and keep gathering awareness. You have to develop consciousness as much as possible to fall asleep consciously.

Although our topic is related to sleeping at night, it has to be practiced during the day. The effort of awareness made during the day will be useful at night. During the day you walk, you roam around, you go shopping, you go to the office, you go to the cinema hall, whatever you do, do it very consciously. Put more and more energy into increasing consciousness. I hope you got your answer to the question of how to fall asleep consciously.

Finally, I would like to end this article with a very deep meaningful quotation, "There is no such thing as death for a person who is able to go into sleep consciously."

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