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How To Have Lucid Dream By Indian Yogi PATANJALI | Lucid Dreaming

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Are you looking for how to have lucid dreams by eastern techniques?

In this article, you will learn the most important techniques to have a lucid dream by Indian Yogi PATANJALI. This technique was discovered about 4000 years ago.

After reading this article, you have a clear vision of lucid dreams and the techniques required to learn lucid dreams naturally. This guide is for both beginners and advanced lucid dream learners.

My name is Sandeep Yadav. I am learning Lucid Dream since 2015 AD. During those times I read many ancient books on Awareness, Lucid Dreams, and Meditations.

Mainly I focus on learning how to have lucid dreams from eastern Yogis and Gurus. So I will share those valuable lessons of learning lucid dreams with you.

How To Have Lucid Dreams Naturally

Patanjali Says - Also focus on the consciousness that exists in a dream. Meditate on a thing that attracts you. In this way, a yogi becomes supreme, from a very tiny atom to a very huge universe.

How To Have Lucid Dream

People sleep one-third time of their life, approx he/she sleeps about 30 years of their lifespan. Generally, people neglect their dreams, and nobody takes them seriously. This is because people believe that only waking time is real and important, not dreams.

Three Dimensions of Mind

Our mind has three dimensions, similar to the physical element. But only one dimension is awake and conscious to a very low extent. And other two are unconscious and super unconscious. In sleep, we go to this second dimension of the mind "unconscious mind". The third dimension of the mind which is super unconscious can be accessed in samadhi. It is very hard to access the "unconscious mind" and too hard to access the "Super unconscious mind"

  • Conscious Mind
  • Unconscious Mind
  • Super Unconscious Mind

That's why mediation is so difficult, Samadhi so herculean. It takes the whole energy of a person. It demands the overall commitment of the individual. Then only any person can get success in achieving the true state of mediation. Thus, to have lucid dreams one must pour more and more energy of consciousness into them.

Why are people can't able to do Lucid dreaming easily?

You sleep like a wild animal. You just go to sleep and forget yourself. You do even not know when sleep came, and when you became unaware of all the things. But remember, the dream has its existence, it has its consciousness. 

It takes some time to go to sleep with full awareness. It demands some practice. It begs your energy of awareness, consciousness, and mindfulness. 

Actually, in waking time also, you remain in a state of sleep, you live your life with the help of habit. Your life is full of habit only, no consciousness. But habit is a dead phenomenon, it lacks awareness. 

You have to change your habit into awareness. You have to do all your work with mindfulness. If you do all your daily activities by being aware, then it helps you to grow your consciousness.

Increase The Level of Awareness From Action

PATANJALI says that people can increase their level of awareness through regular daily activities. 

You do not have to give your extra time for this practice, no it doesn't take your so-called valuable time. But yes it takes your whole energy, it takes your patience, it demands continuity, it demands willpower. 

If you dare to pursue these things, you can learn natural lucid dreaming.

So, to have a lucid dream in a natural way, start doing things very consciously. Become aware and alert all the time. 

There is only religion for me and that is "AWARENESS". If you are walking on the road, walk with full awareness. If while walking, you step up your leg, then know that you have lifted your leg, if you keep your leg down, then know that you have put your leg down. 

While eating, know that you are eating. Keep your whole awareness on eating. Don't do another thing while eating. In this way, you can increase your level of awareness which definitely helps you to have a lucid dream.

How To Have Lucid Dream

A lucid Dream is very important to any person. We can learn and practice many things in a lucid dream. Monks of Tibet use this kind of dream in the process of enlightenment. 

They use this dream to overcome the MATRIX (Maya, illusion). Lucid Dream can be used to fulfill many human desires which are hard to fulfill in the real world. 

What to read more about in this topic. Read how to lucid dream by Osho. It is a very powerful technique for lucid dreaming.

Wrapping up:

Unless you become aware in your daily life, you can't become aware in the dream. Awareness of your dream depends upon your awareness of awake time. 

Live life mindfully, and observe the surroundings around you very carefully. See the things in detail. Usually, the surroundings of the dream are blurry.

So if you develop the practice of seeing things in detail, then in the dream you can recognize the blur things, which makes you lucid in the dream.

So this much for today. Till then be aware. Thank you for reading.

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