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Hey, are you searching for the best lucid dreaming techniques for beginners to have a lucid dream easily?

Myself is Sandeep from EasternLucid.com. I have been learning and doing lucid dreams for 7 years. In this post, I am going to share with you one of the best Lucid Dreams Methods for having lucid dreams naturally. So, stay tuned and read this post very mindfully. Here, I will discuss the below topics.

  • What is Lucid Dreaming?
  • How to practice lucid Dreaming?
  • All Day Awareness ADA Technique.

Best Lucid Dreaming Technique

What is Lucid Dreaming? How to practice lucid Dreaming?

As we all know Lucid Dreaming refers to the state in which a dreamer is aware that he/she is dreaming within the dream. For successful lucid dreaming, we have to carry our consciousness from an awake state to a dream state. For this, we have to practice awareness in the daytime.

Currently, our awareness is very low, similar to dim light. And when we sleep, it vanishes so easily that we do even not know when we fell asleep. But if someone practices awareness in the daytime, then this situation can be altered.

Awareness plays a vital role in practicing lucid dreaming. In other words, we can say that awareness is the key to lucid dreaming.

How to practice awareness for quick success in Lucid Dream?

Listen, though awareness sounds easy to spell, it is not easy to practice it. You have to pour your whole energy into it. Then only it becomes your part of life. Meditation is the best way to practice awareness or we can say that meditation is itself awareness. But doing 5 to 10-minute or 20-minute meditation is not enough for Lucid dream practice.

If you do 20 minutes of meditation, then you become aware for 20 minutes but what about those times of the day when you are not doing meditation? You remain unaware or overthinking at those times, yes.

All Day Awareness ADA Technique for Lucid Dreaming

Eastern Lucid Dreaming Method:

So, for a natural lucid dream, you have to practice (ADA) All Day Awareness.

How to practice this lucid dream method?
You can start practicing this technique right now. Now you are reading this article, yes? Be aware, be fully present at this moment. Read every word of this article in full of awareness. Be alert and awake. Don't let your mind wander to other things.

Similarly, if you are walking, walk with full awareness; feel the ground. If you are eating, just eat only, don't let your mind wander, and feel every test of food you eat. If you are bathing, bath with full awareness. If you are talking, then consciously know that you are talking, and keep awareness of each word you speak.

Lucid Dreams Method

If you live your life in this way, then soon you feel that your awareness starts increasing day by day. The more energy you pour into it, the more it grows.
In this way, the work done by you become a secondary task, and the awareness which comes from work becomes primary.
Slowly and gradually you feel that you are doing things with awareness. Normally you work like a machine, like a robot, with no awareness, or loss of self. If you start keeping awareness on each act, soon you feel that your dim awareness becomes the full light of a lamp that doesn't go off even you sleep at night.

Once you achieve a state when your body goes into sleep but you are still able to remain aware knowing that now your body is sleeping and your mind is aware, you directly enter into a dream state called lucid dreaming. This is the real and natural way of doing a lucid dream. So I called this technique as best lucid dreaming technique for both beginners and advanced lucid dream practitioners.


So, the point is very clear, if you want to become lucid(aware) in a dream, then you have to become aware in your daytime. It is a mandatory practice for a successful lucid dream.

Awareness is the only treasure. It is the way of living. Today's world is so busy world. People are working day and night without being aware of their actions, and this surely led to great disaster.

My request to you all readers is that please don't finish your life without exploring the joy of lucid dreaming, Aster Travel, Out of body experience, Samadhi, Turiya, and Bhuddhood.

So, this much for today. We will learn more about this topic in the next article. Thank you!

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