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Two Ancient Secrets: Lucid Dreaming Techniques From Dream Yoga

Two Ancient Lucid Dreaming Techniques

"Explore the ancient art of dream yoga, a powerful lucid dreaming technique steeped in Tibetan Buddhism. Through the practice of dream yoga, you can learn to become aware and conscious within your dreams, enabling you to manipulate and control them for personal growth and spiritual development."

Here I am going to discuss the two most effective Lucid Dreaming techniques with you that I have learned from many years of experience.

I am very much sure that after reading this blog you will definitely find an effective lucid dream technique that works best for you.

  1. Perceive World as a Dream
  2. Remembering Self-Existence

Do you know Lucid Dreaming is an amazing and mind-blowing phenomenon that occurs during our sleep?

A lucid Dream is a dream in which a person becomes aware that he is dreaming. In Tibet, Lucid Dream is also known as dream yoga.

In other words, we can say that a dream in which any person knows that he is dreaming now is lucid dreaming. This is a simple and easy Lucid Dreams Meaning.

Lucid Dreaming: Dream Yoga

Have You Ever Seen The Surrounding Around You Very Consciously?

Do you ever wonder why in a dream you won't able to recognize that you are dreaming now? Why during sleep you won't know that you are sleeping and why do you always fail to recognize the dream as a dream?

Why do you see all things real in a dream?

The answer is you never live your real life full of consciousness, in your waking time you remain unaware of the things going around you.

At the time of waking, you never question your reality that is this real. What if I am seeing a dream now? You never think like this.

So to be a good Lucid Dreamer, start observing your surroundings full of consciousness. Look at this world differently. Make your daytime a rehearsal for nighttime lucid dream practice.

Listen, awareness plays a vital role in a lucid dream or dream yoga. The concept of lucid dreaming called (Nindra Kalin Jagarukta) in Hindi comes from PATANJALI YOGA SUTRA more than 4000 years ago in Eastern religion. The name "Lucid" itself refers to "awareness".
He said that dream is not normal phenomena. It is a very important aspect of life. It gives you tremendous knowledge if you know how to manipulate your dreams.

The dream is not about seeing at night and forgetting in the morning. No, it is not like that. It has its own existence. It has its own meaning and significance.

The more conscious and aware you become in your waking time, the more lucid you become in your dreams.

By awareness, I mean self-awareness:- Key to the Lucid Dream. If you remain unaware and unconscious in your life, you never get success in lucid dreams.

So without increasing your level of awareness, you can't become a natural lucid dreamer.

(You can experience a lucid dream with the help of western techniques like MILD, WILD, FILD, REALITY CHECK, etc), but these are all tricks not the natural way of lucid dreaming.

So let's begin learning the two main lucid dreaming techniques from the Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Perceive This World as a Dream

Currently, you know this world as the real world, yes; I know. From now start perceiving this world as a dream.

See the subject around you as dream materials. It won't mean that things around you are unreal, no it's real.

We are just changing the perceiving view of this world only. This is just an inner practice.
You don't have to speak in mind that 'this is a dream world, this is a dream world'. You just have to know consciously that this is a dream world.

Slowly and gradually it becomes your natural habit of perceiving the world as a dream.

So, in an actual dream, you will be able to recognize that this is also a dream, and bingo, you are now in a lucid dream. It takes time, so keep patience.

From now, if any good or bad things happen in your real world, don't get involved or attached to it. Just treat it as a dream, and do things that are good in that situation.

Keep the self-remembrance that the world around me is a dream and I am the person who is seeing this dream.

Look at every detail of the surrounding with your full consciousness. Be present all the time in "Now". Don't let your mind wander to the past or future.

A wandering mind is a poor mind, a wandering mind is a mind with a disease, it is the mind with very dim awareness. It is greatly difficult to Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreams Meaning

Remembering Self-Existence

This second method is taken from Tibetan Bon Tradition. This method was also discovered 4000 years ago. Tibetan monks learn this method from their childhood.

In this method, you just have to remember yourself all the time. This sounds a little odd, yes.

Generally, you do things like robots, like machines. You just go on doing your daily work, but you never know the 'self' who is doing the work. From inside, you remain absent.

Exactly, the same thing happens in dreams. You see the dream without 'self'. You don't know who is seeing the dream.

Your consciousness of 'self' remains absent in dreams. That's why in a dream you never question yourself 'I think this must be a dream, everything is strange here, all things are blurry, oh it might be a dream.

You never question like this in a dream. In the dream, you see that your girlfriend or wife is coming near you, but suddenly you see that she turned into a horse. But this thing doesn't make you feel odd or strange because your 'self' is shut down.

So, start remembering yourself. When you do your daily work, just keep the self-remembrance of yourself.

If you are eating, just eat only, consciously know that you are eating food, feel the taste of each bite, and enjoy the very moment full of awareness.

Don't let your mind wander to another thing while eating food. Don't use your mind on thinking at the time of eating food. Fully be mindful while eating.

Do you know, the writer of " Yathartha Shrimad Bhagavad Gita" Prabhu Padh says that when I drink water I just drink water. My total awareness is on drinking water.

At the time of drinking water, there are only two things I and water, other all thing vanishes at that time.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

If you start to practice this method, in the beginning, you feel very hard to remember yourself.

Many times you forget yourself and start doing things like machines, without being conscious.

This is a normal thing in the beginning. When you come to know that you forgot yourself, at that very moment quickly bring your consciousness to your 'self'. 

You fail many times, but there is no need to worry, this is a sign that you are growing your awareness.

To sum up:

I again say that, do every activity of your life with full awareness. There is nothing as important as awareness. Awareness is intelligent, awareness is the goal.

While eating know you are eating, while walking know you are walking, while bathing know that you are bathing, while talking know that you are talking, while sitting just sit, relax and know that you are sitting.

And I am 100% sure that, a night comes, when you are sleeping, and in a dream, you suddenly know that you are dreaming. Bingo! You entered into a naturally induced lucid dream: dream yoga. Literally, nothing is more precious than this. Lucid Dream is self known heaven.

Note: These two lucid dreaming techniques are very powerful techniques. If you follow and practice any one of them, you definitely get success.

This much for today. We will learn about the second method of natural lucid dreaming in the next article. Till then keep learning, and keep growing. Thank you. Please don't forget to become mindful (aware).

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