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Lucid Dreaming: My First Lucid Dream Experience 6 Years ago | EaternLucid.com

Today in this article, I am going to share with you my first lucid dream experience. I have been learning and exploring the lucid dream world since my childhood.

I have learned many techniques and methods to master lucid dreaming at the pro level. When I first came to know about lucid dreaming, I got very surprised that such a thrilling thing exists and up to now I didn't know about it.

I hope you will love my first lucid dreaming experience and you will get motivated by reading this lucid dream experience.

Lucid Dreaming: My First Lucid Dream Experience

Lucid Dream Induced Through Reality Check and Mindfulness Technique

When I was dreaming during the night of my sleep, I suddenly remember a reality check. It means that I suddenly remember the reality check-in dream that I used to perform in wake time. Then I started to look at my finger and I found that five fingers change to seven fingers. I got surprised and I realized that I was dreaming(lucid dreaming) that I was waiting to see for a week. 

Then I started to push my finger in my palm and amazingly it started to go inside. I got surprised. And in a dream, I went out of the house and came to the road in front of my house.  

I started jumping there keeping in mind that I could fly because it was a lucid dream. Though I jumped I didn’t fly, because I didn’t practice nicely. 

Lucid Dreaming: My First Lucid Dream Experience

Then my brother came there with his bike and started talking to someone. He started speaking some random numbers to someone. That number might be a mobile number or telephone number. 

During the time he was telling the number I came there, I told one random number that he till now not told but nearly he is going to tell. And amazingly he told me exactly that number which I told before. 

I got surprised by how I was able to tell the future number or able to predict a future event. 

This miracle was occurring because I was in a lucid dream. How amazing! After that many people came there and started gossiping. 

I also started gossiping. But at that time also I know that I was in a lucid dream. I also know that my real body is sleeping in the bedroom. 

Now I want to tell other people that I am not real, this is my dream. I want to tell them my real body is sleeping in the old house. But somehow I didn’t tell this thing. 

Somehow I felt fair to tell this fact to those people. I thought that if I tell this fact to these people in dream then they might enter my body and wake up in the real world. 

Then I am not able to reenter my own body. Then I become invisible in this world. My existence becomes no more, my father and mother search for me here and there.

So due to this silly reason I didn’t tell this fact. After that, I start coming to my old house to see my real body. And when I enter the house, I woke up. I didn’t know why I woke up.

To sum up:

Though my first lucid dream was not so vivid, it gives me the belief that yes, such a thrilling thing like a lucid dream exists and I am also doing this. 

After that day, I started learning and practicing lucid dreams very consciously. All the time of my day I was researching lucid dreaming. 

So having the first lucid dream is not so difficult. By following some techniques, you can easily see your first lucid dream.

My Affirmation:
Next time when I am dreaming I remember that I am dreaming.

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