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Tantra Sutra 7: Best Way to Lucid Dream | Vigyan Vhairab Tantra

Are you looking for the best way to lucid dreams? This article is based on the very ancient technique of inducing lucid dreams on a user's demand. This technique comes from Tantra Sutra 7, of Vigyan Vhairab Tantra.

Hello, I am Sandeep Yadav from EasternLucid academy. Seeing lucid dreams is my passion. Mainly I use lucid dreams for spiritual growth, but sometimes I use them for fun also.

I have good experience in this field as I am learning about lucid dreams since 2015. In this post, I am going to share with you those valuable lessons and learning of lucid dreaming that I have learned over 6 years.


Point to be discussed in this post:

  • Seventh Breathing Technique
  • Lucid Dream
  • Lucid Death
  • Knowing death time
  • Third Eye
  • Lucid Rebirth
  • Buddha's story on lucid rebirth

Tantra Sutra 7: Best Way to Lucid Dream

7th Breathing Method:

     Hold the minute breath (prana) in the middle of the forehead. When it reaches the heart in the time of sleep, then dream and death itself will be conquered.

     You are entering into the official deep layers.

      "Hold the minute breath (prana) in the middle of the frontal."

      If you have come to know the third eye, then you have come to know the minute breathing steadily in the center of the frontal, the invisible prana, and you have also come to know that energy, that light pours down.

      "When it reaches the heart in the time of sleep—when that rain reaches your heart—"then the dream and death itself will prevail."

Practicing the method of Lucid dream in three parts. 

One, you have to feel the prana within the breath, which is its minute, invisible, unbreakable part. This happens when you keep your awareness between the eyebrows. Then it easily happens. Even if you keep the awareness in the gap, it happens, but not as easily. 

If you are conscious of the navel center, where the breath comes and touches it. The easiest way to know that subtle prana is to settle in the third eye. Well, wherever you will be focused, that will happen. You will feel your life being affected.

      If you can sense the Prana flowing within you, you can also know when you will die. If you start feeling the minute breath, the prana then from six months before you die you start knowing your imminent death. 

How do so many saints know the date of their death? Lucid Death

This is easy because if you know the flow of life when its movement will be reversed then you will know your death too. 

Six months before death the process flips. Your life starts going out. Then the breath doesn't take it in, but in reverse, it starts taking it out -- that breath.

      You know it because you do not see the hidden part of it, only the vehicle. And the vehicle will remain the same. Now the breath takes the prana in and leaves it there. Then the vehicle goes back outside empty. And again filled with prana goes inside. 

Tantra Sutra 7: Best Way to Lucid Dream

So remember that the inhalation and the outgoing breath are not the same. In the form of a vehicle, the complementary breath and the exhalation breath are one, but where the supplement is filled with prana. There the laxative remains empty from it. You drank the life and the breath became empty.

      When you are near to death, the reverse process starts. The inhaling breath reaches without prana and comes blank. Because your body becomes unable of taking prana from existence. You are about to die, you are no longer required. The whole process flips. Now when the breath goes out, then it goes out with the prana.

      Therefore one who has known the minute prana can instantly know the day of his demise also. Six months ago the process is flipped.

Extremely Vital Method for Lucid Dream

      "Hold the minute breathe (prana) in the center of the forehead. When it reaches the heart during the time of sleep. Then the dream and death itself will be conquered.

      This technique has to be rehearsed when you are falling asleep, and not at other times. The right time to sleep is the right time to practice this method.

      You are slipping into sleep, slowly sleep is taking over you. Within a few moments, your awareness will fade. You will become unconscious. But before that moment comes, you become mindful of your breath and its minute part of prana. 

And feel it going down to the heart. Coming to the heart prana penetrates your body through the heart, so go on feeling it. That life is coming to the heart. And let sleep come during this ongoing experience. You go on feeling and let sleep come; let sleep fascinate you.

      If it becomes feasible that you can see the hidden vital going to the heart and also sleep, then you will become conscious of your dreams also. You will be able to do lucid dreams too. Then you will discover that you are dreaming and then you understand that it is real. That also is possible only because of the 3rd eye. Have you seen anyone sleeping? His eyes move up and are fixed in the third eye. If you haven't seen it, see it.

      Your kid is sleeping, open his eyes and look where his eyes are. The pupils of his eyes have gone up and focus on the trine. I say examine the children, not the grown-ups. The grown-up is not faithful because his sleep is not deep. They just think that they are sleeping. Look at the children. His eyes go up.

      Because of this fixed third eye, you believe your dreams to be real. You cannot comprehend that they are dreams. You will know that when you wake up in the morning. Then you will know that it is a dream. If you comprehend then there are two planes – there is a dream and you are aware, you are mindful. For one who can wake up to a dream in sleep, this sutra is miraculous.

      This sutra says: "You will be able to conquer dream and death." This is the best way to lucid dreams naturally. This technique was discovered 4000 years ago in India.

If you become aware of dreams then you can do two things. 

  1. Stop seeing dreams
  2. See the desired dreams

      One that you can create dreams. Ordinarily, you cannot create dreams. How worthless is the man? You cannot even build a dream. If you want to have a special dream, you cannot see it. It's not in your hands. Man is so vulnerable. 

      Even dreams cannot be formed from them. You are just prey to dreams, not their mentor. The dream occurs to you. You can't do anything with the dream. You can neither prevent it nor construct it.

      But if you fall asleep noticing that the heart is filling with prana. With every breath constantly being touched by prana, then you will become the captain of your dreams. And this belonging is very impressive, very rare.

      Then whatever dream you want to see, you can have that dream. And say at bedtime that I want to see such a dream and that dream will naturally enter your mind.

      But what is the goal of becoming the captain of your dreams? Isn't it meaninglessNo, it's not in vain. Once you are the captain of the dream, you will never dream again. It was in vain. Wasn't needed. As soon as you are the captain of your dreams, the dreams stop. They are not needed. And when the dreams stop, then the quality of your sleep becomes different. That quality is the same as that of death. 

But Note: If you want to see the dream, you can able to see it according to your will. You will be able to redirect your dreams as your wish. There will be no restriction, no hurdle. You are a dreamer, and you are lucid in it, so you can do anything, the only thing needed here is your desire. So we are learning this method to see the dream according to our will, not to stop it, yes or no?

                                       First of all, we will fulfill all our desires, all our wild desires in the dream. Then only we will think about stopping the dream, then only we will move into the spiritual path. But at least not then now.

Death and Sleep

      Death is profound sleep. If your sleep becomes as profound as death, it means that the dreams are gone. Dreams make sleep shallow. Because of dreams, you keep moving on the surface. Your sleep becomes shallow because of being involved in dreams. And when dreams are no more, then you fall into the ocean of sleep, touches its depth. That is death.

      That is why India has always said that sleep is short death. And death is a prolonged sleep. Qualitatively both are identical. Sleep is the death of the day, death is the sleep of life and life. Every day you get fatigued, you fall asleep, and the next morning you recover your strength and your vitality. 

You are born again. Similarly, after seventy or eighty years of life, you are completely exhausted. Now a short period of death will not work, now you need a long death. After that great death or sleep, you are reborn with a completely new body.

      And once you know the dreamless sleep and live in it intentionally, then the fear of death goes on. One can never die. Death is impossible, just a day ago I(Osho) used to say that only death is certain. And now I say that death is impossible. No one has ever died. One can never die. If anything is impossible in the world, it is death. Because existence is life. You are born again. But sleep is so profound that you forget your old individuality. Memories are wiped from your mind.

      Think of it this way. Imagine you are going to sleep today, and some device has been made—soon to be built—that wipes away memory from the mind, just as sound is wiped from the tape recorder's tape. Because memory is also a deep recording. Sooner or later we will get such a device which will be put back to you. And the one who will wipe your mind completely clean it. 

So tomorrow morning you will not be the same man who went to sleep yesterday. Because you will not remember who went to sleep. Then your sleep will be like death. There will be a gap. You will not remember who slept. This is what is happening naturally. When you die and you are born again, you do not remember who died, you start again.

      Through this process, you will first become the captain of dreams. It means that dreams will stop coming. Or if you want to dream for yourself, you can dream too. But then that would be an unforced dream. It will not be mandatory. It will not be imposed on you. You will not be the victim of the dream. And then the quality of your sleep will be just like that of death. Then you will know that even death is sleep.

      That's why this sutra says: "You will be able to conquer dream and death."

      Then you will know that death is a prolonged sleep—and helpful, and beautiful. Because it gives you new life. It gives you everything new, then even death ends. Death ends as soon as the dream is over.

Can I able to take my next birth according to my will? Lucid Rebirth

      There is also another purpose for getting control over death, getting authority. If you understand that death is sleep, you can guide it. If you can give direction to your dreams, so you can even give to death. 

Then you can choose, where to be born. When you are born, by whom you are born, and in what form you are born, then you are the captain of your life.

Buddha's story on Lucid Rebirth

      Buddha died, I am talking about the birth before his last birth. When he was not a Buddha; before he died, he said: "I will be born to such family, such will be my mom, such will be my dad, and my mom will die only after I am born." And when I am born, my mother will see such dreams. 

Tantra Sutra 7: Best Way to Lucid Dream

Not only will you have the freedom over your dreams, but you will also have the freedom over the dreams of others. So Buddha told me that when I am in my mother's womb, then my mother will see these dreams. And when someone sees these dreams in this sequence, then you will understand that I am going to take birth.

      And the same happened. Buddha's mother had dreams in the same sequence. The whole of India knew that sequence. Especially those who were interested in religion, in the deep things of life, and in its hidden ways. I knew that's why those dreams were interpreted. Freud was not the first man to interpret dreams. And there was no depth in his explanation. He was brought up only for the West.

      So Buddha's father instantly called the interpreters of dreams, Freuds and Jung of that era, and asked them, what is the meaning of this sequence? I'm afraid, these dreams are wonderful. And coming in the same sequence, the same kind of dreams, coming in turn. As if watching the same film over and over again.

Why Budhha's Mother Died Immediately after she gave birth to Buddha?

      And the interpreters told that you are going to be the father of a great soul. He is going to be a Buddha. But your wife is in danger. Because when such Buddhas are born, then the life of the mother becomes difficult. 

Buddha's father asked the reason. The interpreters said that we cannot tell. But the soul that is going to be born, is his statement that when he is born, his mother will die.

      Later Buddha was questioned why did his mother die instantlyHe said that giving birth to a Buddha is such a big event that after that everything else becomes pointless. 

Therefore the mother cannot survive. She will have to be born again to start a new life. To give birth to a Buddha is the greatest experience. Such is the peak that the mother cannot survive after that. So the mother died.

     Buddha had said in his previous life that I would be born when my mother would stand under a palm tree. And the same thing occurred. When Buddha was born, his mother was standing under a palm tree. He also told that I will walk seven steps instantly after taking birth. This would be the uniqueness. Whatever I tell, so that you may know that Buddha was born. Buddha indicated everything.

      This is not only true of Buddha. The same is true for Jesus, and the same is true for Mahavira. The same is true for many others. Every Jain Tirthankara had predicted in his previous birth how he would be born. He also told the sequence of dreams. He had also given symbols and told how everything was going to happen.


      You can give guidance, once you start giving guidance to your dreams, you can give guidance to everything. Because this world is made of dreams only. And this life of dreams is made. So when you have control over the dream, then everything is over.

      This sutra says: "On death itself."

      Then a person can also give birth to a special kind. Can also give a special kind of life.

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