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How to Stay in Present Moment | Mindfulness | Lucid Dream

How to stay in present moment has become the most commonly asked question in today's busy and restless world. The secrets you will know in this article about the present moment will be unforgettable for you.

How to Stay in Present Moment

In this post, you will know very well how much important is to stay in the present moment.

Hello friends, I hope you guys are doing well. My name is Sandeep and I work as a lead writer for Eastern Lucid Dream.

If you want to learn Lucid Dream and get success in meditation then the present moment will be a very important link for you. So without wasting time let's start.

How to Stay in Present Moment? The Power of Now

Both the past and the future are those vicious thieves who steal our present moment and do not let us even know about it.

Friend, you should understand that there is no such thing as past and future. It is simply the memories of our brain that illuminate themselves in the present moment.

You must understand that after all, why do we fall into the trap of past and future and miss out on the present.

The mind is either in the past or in the future. At present, it has no power. Or to say that the mind does not know the present at all. The mind is the world and the world is the mind.

The past does not exist. The past is gone. It's gone. But we go on living in the past. That is why we find our lives meaningless and unpleasurable.

There doesn't seem to be any taste in life. No dance is seen. Human life has become lifeless. Day and night we are moving like a machine.

It is not even known where we are going, what we are going for, and who is taking us. Man is wandering in the dark valleys.

After all, what is the future and what do you know about the future. What you know is not the future and what you do not know how can it be the future?

The future is unknown and no one has benefited from living in the future. The future is just a fantasy.

Your present is full of misery, and that's why you imagine maybe you will get happiness in the future. You will get happiness in the future, so you go on fantasizing.

Someone fantasizes about money. Some for the position, some for prestige, some for love, and some for GF/BF Everyone is fantasized, and that's why everyone misses the present moment.

Have you ever seen people walking on the street right? Are the people walking on the street really walking on the street?

No, he is not walking on the road. His body is moving on the road, but his mind is engaged elsewhere.

While walking on the road, his mind is shuffling with his wife at home. Someone's mind is watching a movie in the cinema hall with his girlfriend. Some remain lost in their own thought world, while others are being woven into different dreams.

There are very few Buddha men who are walking on the road with full awareness. Buddha men love to walk, they walk with love. Just walking on this green earth is a miracle in itself, it is very pleasurable.

If you have ever walked consciously, then you have known that only walking brings joy. A peace, an unprecedented joy spills over the eyes.

How do we practice mindfulness?

A Zen Master's Story

How to Stay in Present Moment

There was a very famous school in Japan where swordsmanship was taught and probably still will be.

There lived a Zen master who taught swordsmanship in that school. That master was a little old.

A student from abroad came to Japan to learn how to use a sword. The student enrolled in the school and asked the master that I want to become a skilled swordsman, how long will it take me to learn it? 

The Zen Master said that it depends on you that how soon you want to learn, maybe in a month you will learn or it will take four to five years or even the whole age will not be enough to learn it. The student agreed to stay for 4 years and started learning swordsmanship in that school. The master told him that you have to learn some things before you can learn to use the sword. The master asked him to sweep the school, asked him to cook food, and gave the cleaning work. Two years had passed in doing cleaning work, but till now the master had not taught him any lesson about the sword. Now that student was not able to tolerate this anymore and one day he went to the master and said whether you want to teach me how to use a sword or not. For 3 years I have been engaged in unnecessary work. Forget about wielding a sword, you haven't even taught me to hold a sword yet. On this, the Guru said that from tomorrow your first lesson on sword will start, be ready. Yesterday morning the student was completely ready after taking a bath when the Guru secretly came from behind and attacked him with a wooden sword. As soon as he was hit by the wooden sword, the student was immediately shocked and became conscious.

When he looked back, he found the master standing in front of him with a sword. Seeing this the student was very surprised and asked the teacher why did you attack me? The master said that this is your first lesson in learning to use a sword. From now on you can be attacked at any time. You have to be alert and aware of every moment. I will strike you from behind at any moment like this with a wooden sword. You have to stop the sword before I can attack. This practice will go on till you become adept at stopping me. Now it has become a big problem. The student was caught in a great dilemma. From now on every day he started getting attacked at any time.

Every time he was unable to stop the master. It became very difficult for him. He started beating again and again with the sword of the master.

Because many times he came under the attack of the master, so from now on he started living very carefully. The student became very alert and aware.

Earlier, he used to be entangled in the thoughts of his mind, so he did not even notice the arrival of the master. Now he was alert even at the sound of the smallest straw. Now he was completely conscious.

From now on he used to premonition the master's arrival and he used to stop the attack of the master.

Now it was very dangerous for him to remain unconscious. Now he could not get entangled in any thoughts, otherwise, he could not stop the attack of the master.

The master was very pleased to see this and took the practice to the second stage. Now the master started attacking him even while he was sleeping.

Now it's over. You can understand that student's difficulty. Earlier he used to sleep very peacefully but now it was not possible for him either.

At bedtime, he was attacked thousands of times by the sword of master. He used to miss every time. He did not even know about the arrival of the master in his sleep. And how did it be known? In sleep, we become completely unconscious. But he had to be proficient in this exercise by all means. 

Now he started sleeping very alert. The fear of Master's attack sat in his mind. From now on his sense organ started being alert even in sleep.

Then for the first time, the day had finally come when he stopped the attack of Master even in his sleep. The Master was very pleased with this.

From now on, every single blow of the master started going empty. That student used to stop all the attacks of the master even in his sleep.
As if he was awake even in his sleep.

The lamp of his senses was always burning. His body went to sleep, but mentally he remained alert and awake.

Even in sleep, he started to realize that my body is asleep but I am not asleep. I am very alert and aware.

He was very happy to feel this state. For the first time, he learned a secret that both I and this body are different.

I am different from this body. This body is sleeping but I am not.

The student had become so skilled in stopping the sword's blow that even before the master could attack, he knew that the master was about to attack and he successfully used to stop the master's attack.

The next day master called that student to his room and said now you have become capable of sword fighting.

I taught you what I had to teach you. Now you have become proficient in wielding a sword. Now it's not a big deal for you to wield a sword.

The disciple said very surprisingly, Master, you have not even taught me to hold a sword yet, how did I become proficient in wielding a sword?

The master said that the most important aspect of learning to wield a sword is to become self-aware.

The one who has mastered self-awareness understands that he has mastered the sword. 

A skilled swordsman can be said to one who is so aware that before the enemy shoots the sword, he knows on which part the enemy is going to strike the sword.

Then enemy's attack can be easily stopped. And you have become so aware that even before the attack, you know that now the attack is about to happen.

The next day, as usual, the master was meditating in the garden. Then the student saw from behind that the master is absorbed in meditation and thought why should I not test my master too? Master has given me a lot of trouble. Let me also see whether the master knows to stop my attack or not. He hit me all the time during sleeping, waking, eating, bathing, walking, and working, but is he as aware as I am? 

The student secretly brought a wooden sword and proceeded with the aim of attacking the master from behind.

How to Stay in Present Moment

Then the master said very lovingly, wait my dear student, don't hit me. I am old, and now my body is not as strong as before. Wait don't hit me. My head might hurt, wait.

On hearing this, the student caught hold of the Master's feet and said, "I haven't even raised my sword to attack you, and I didn't even make the slightest sound, then how did you know that I am coming to attack you?" The Guru said that I had told you even before that it is not difficult to learn anything for one who has vectored over all the senses.

Final Thought

Always remember one thing that the more you become aware, the more you will become skilled in learning anything. Your skill depends on how aware you are. Do everything consciously. No work should be done in a state of unconsciousness. Be alert, aware, and awake every moment. You have to understand your mind first. This mind is very clever. It will never let you become aware. The mind will always take you into the past and the future. The mind does not know the present time, so you have to be alert all the time. No one else in this world is a bigger deceiver than the mind. Always keep saying to your mind, "When will you understand, see another birth has pasting out. You have played a lot of games." Tell your mind to be aware now. Anything done with awareness is meditation.

Mindfulness FAQs

What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness means being aware of each and every moment. To be aware of the work you do. To be self-aware all the time is mindfulness.

What is the benefit of mindfulness?

Peaceful experience is the great benefit of mindfulness meditation. Other benefits are self-control, mental clarity, better health, happiness, love, and relaxation, and there are many more benefits of mindfulness.

Why is mindfulness so important?

It is so important because many people in the world are suffering from mental stress and anxiety. Peace has been lost completely. People became totally restless and depressed.

How do you describe a mindful person?

A person whose each act is conscious and full of awareness is a mindful person.

How do you know if your mindfulness is working?

If you are experiencing peace, joy, and mental wellness then you can say that your mindfulness meditation is working.

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