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Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams | A Heaven with your mind

Have you heard of lucid dreams? These dreams are similar to being awake. If you are someone who loves watching exciting movies and loves adventure, this post is for you.

Here, I am going to share the top 50 exciting things that you can do in your lucid dreams.

Brief Introduction to Lucid Dream

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

A conscious dream is a dream in which the dreamer is conscious that they are dreaming. This can occur spontaneously or may be induced by a variety of methods, such as MILD, WILD, Tantra Science Technique, etc.

In a conscious dream, the dreamer has a greater degree of control over the dream content and may be able to influence the outcome of the dream.

Studies have shown that lucid dreams also known as conscious dreaming can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and boost our mood and creativity. Additionally, conscious dreaming can be used as a tool for personal growth and self-exploration.

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

There are an endless number of things that you can do in a lucid dream. The only limit is your imagination!

Below are some of the best things to do in a lucid dream that are difficult to do in real life:

10 Common Things to do in Lucid Dreams

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

1. Fly – soar through the sky like a bird or Superman!

2. Visit another planet – explore strange new worlds and meet aliens!

3. Swim with dolphins – feel the ocean spray on your face and the dolphins’ slippery skin as you play together.

4. Create your own world – design and build your own dream home, complete with furniture, landscaping, and weather of your choosing.

5. Become a master chef – cook up a storm in your dream kitchen, whipping up gourmet meals that look and taste incredible.

6. Be a superhero – spend the day as your favorite comic book character or make up your own unique superhero.

7. Go back in time – explore ancient civilizations or meet famous historical figures.

8. Play sports – engage in any type of sport you can think of, from football to figure skating.

9. Win the lottery – what would you do with a million dollars?

10. Get an A+ Grade on your dream – get an A+ grade on that test you’ve been dreading or give a killer performance in your school play.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do in a lucid dream. Here are the rest 40 new ideas:

10 Advanced Things To Do

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

  • 11. Meet your spirit guide
  • 12. Reunite with a lost loved one
  • 13. Get closure on a past event
  • 14. Witness a natural disaster
  • 15. Time travel
  • 16. Be a hero in your favorite movie
  • 17. Go to a concert of your favorite band
  • 18. Have a baby
  • 19. Be an animal
  • 20. Plant a tree

10 Exciting Things To Do

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

  • 21. Save someone's life
  • 22. Go to the moon
  • 23. Be in a zero-gravity environment
  • 24. Fight a dragon
  • 25. Ride a unicorn
  • 26. Swim with dolphins
  • 27. Give a speech to a large crowd
  • 28. Win a race
  • 29. Compete in a tournament
  • 30. Get a makeover

10 Adventurous Things To Do

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

  • 31. Go on a date
  • 32. Get married
  • 33. Go skydiving
  • 34. Parasailing
  • 35. Hang gliding
  • 36. Bungee jumping
  • 37. Go deep-sea diving
  • 38. Explore a haunted house
  • 39. Go to a carnival
  • 40. Ride all the roller coasters

10 Adventurous Places to Visit

Top 50 Exciting Things to do in Lucid Dreams

  • 41. Go on a safari
  • 42. Go skiing or snowboarding
  • 43. Go surfing or wakeboarding
  • 44. Play a sport you've never tried before
  • 45. Go to an amusement park
  • 46. Go to a water park
  • 47. Go horseback riding
  • 48. Go hiking or camping
  • 49. Go kayaking or white water rafting
  • 50. Go on a hot air balloon ride

To sum up...

The possibilities are endless – what will you do in your next lucid dream?
Lucid dreams can be incredibly vivid and realistic, and can often feel more real than waking life. Many people believe that lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for self-exploration and personal growth.

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