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Mind and Its Thought is the Biggest Hurdle to Lucid Dream!

Mind and Its Thought is the Biggest Hurdle to Lucid Dreaming!

Mind and Its Thought is the Biggest Hurdle to Lucid Dream!

The person who keeps thinking about something or the other in his mind all the time is deeply trapped in the illusion created by the devotional mind. It becomes almost impossible for such a person to see lucid dreams.

You must have heard that our mind is both our friend and our enemy. When we control our mind as per our wish then the mind like a friend helps us in seeing lucid dreams. 

But if we become dependent on this mind and get trapped in its illusory webs, then we are not able to do what we want to do.

The main exercises for lucid dreams are not done at night but during the day. We have to practice awareness during the day while we are awake. Awareness can develop only when our mind is calm and there are no thoughts in it.

We should use thought only when it is needed, not all the time. It should be our control as to when we have to think and when not. If you want to have lucid dreams then you must know the art of purifying your mind.

As long as thoughts continue in the mind, awareness cannot develop. When you sit quietly, which is very difficult in the beginning, then your level of awareness increases. If you are doing any work and you are doing it with full consciousness, then by doing this the consciousness also develops.

It is a little easier to develop awareness through work but one has to be careful in this. Often when we are doing some work, our body is doing that work but our mind is somewhere else. Our mind remains lost in thoughts of some other work. For this reason, awareness cannot develop.

The mind is very hypocritical and cunning. It does not allow the person to escape from its clutches easily. This is why you are not able to learn lucid dreams. It is difficult to see lucid dreams every night because our self-awareness is not properly activated.

The mind loves to think. In this way, it is said that the mind is just thinking about something. Mind is thought or thought is mind, both are correct. Under no circumstances should you allow your mind to become your master. You cannot master lucid dreaming if your mind becomes the master.

Practice is the link through which the mind can be controlled. Whenever the mind wanders, immediately bring the mind back to the present state. 

If you are not doing any work, sit in a quiet place and watch your own mind. You will be able to see thoughts emerging. Keep watching the thoughts arising in your mind with a witnessing attitude, do not get carried away with the thoughts.

If you get carried away with your thoughts, you will get stuck in the loop of thoughts. A thought always creates a C-loop. Making loops is a great principle of the mind. 

It is this loop due to which the mind entangles a person in thoughts. A person gets surrounded by clouds of thoughts one after the other and hours pass by without even realizing it.

It is not that only our minds are responsible. We are as responsible as our mind is. We allow the mind to think because we also enjoy thinking. We too are no less exemplary.

We enjoy thinking, and that is why in most cases we do not stop the mind, even though we can stop the mind easily. 

The mind triggers crazy beautiful fantasies and we indulge them because we want fun. We know very well that imagination is not true, yet we keep on imagining things.

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Stop taking an interest in thoughts. There is no happiness in imagination, it is only an illusion. You find happiness in imagination because your mind is very clever. The mind loves to think and imagine, that is why it keeps you in illusion.

Stop taking pleasure from the thoughts and devote your time and energy to creating awareness. Only when you become aware will you become adept at seeing lucid dreams Awareness is the ultimate truth and also the ultimate necessity.

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