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Are Lucid Dreamers More Intelligent? How I Became Genius In School

Are you also curious to know whether lucid dreamers are intelligent or not? If you want to know the answer then stay tuned. Today we will discuss this topic in depth.

Are Lucid Dreamers More Intelligent?

Are Lucid Dreamers More Intelligent?

The answer to this question is yes, lucid dreamers are intelligent. Learning and seeing lucid dreams increases the neurons of the brain to a great extent.

See, lucid dreaming is not that easy to learn. This means that a lot of practice is required when a person starts learning lucid dreaming, first of all, he has to develop awareness.

By developing awareness, the structure of our brain gets changed, and while learning to lucid dream, we have to remember the dreams we see at night.

Remembering dreams increases our memory power. Now think for yourself, the person whose memory power is strong must be intelligent.

Let us know this topic in more depth. We will see what scientific research says and how many discoveries have been made on this so far.

What Research Says

Recently, scientific research was conducted on lucid dreaming. Scientists have done many experiments to understand the connection between lucid dreams and intelligence. Tested on different types of people and recorded the results. The research was as follows:

  • Scientists included some people in this research. They divided the people into two parts. 

  • One group of people was taught to have lucid dreams and the other group was not told about it.

  • This research continued for about 3 months. The people selected in this research were people with almost equal intelligence.

  • After 3 months, people from both groups were called in a room and both the groups were given the same puzzle to solve. 

  • Both the groups were made to sit separately. People of one group could not talk to people of another group.

  • After a few minutes, it was found that the group of people who had practiced and seen lucid dreams solved the puzzle much faster.

  • In the second group of people who had not learned or seen lucid dreams, many of them failed to solve that puzzle. And whoever solved that puzzle took a very long time.

From this, we come to know that the mind of the person who teaches lucid dreams is highly developed.

The Brain During Lucid Dream

The Brain During Lucid Dream

  1. Enhanced Self Awareness
  2. Active Prefrontal Cortex
  3. Increased Neurons Firing

When you are dreaming, your brain works normally. It works the same way everyone's brain works when they are dreaming.

But as soon as you become aware in dreams, the structure of your brain changes slightly.

That part of the brain also gets activated which is not activated during normal dreaming. Knowing that you are dreaming increases your self-awareness.

Self-awareness increases because the prefrontal cortex of the brain becomes active. This increases activity in the brain. Brain activity becomes similar to what happens when you are awake.

Whatever you do while you are awake and whatever activity goes on in your mind, the same activity goes on when you become conscious in dreams.

This shows us that the experience of lucid dreaming is similar to reality. Activation of the prefrontal cortex increases mental capacity and its effect is also seen on intelligence.

Tibetan monks say that a person's spiritual intelligence develops in lucid dreams and through such dreams a person can attain infinite knowledge.

Intelligence and Problem Solving

Intelligence and Problem Solving in Lucid Dream

I told you in the beginning that people who see lucid dreams become skilled in solving most of the problems.

This happens because lucid dreaming causes brain neurons to develop faster.

People who have lucid dreams can handle the problems that come in their real lives very well. Because the self-awareness of such a person is very high, that is why they are not afraid of problems.

Many athletes and actors also use lucid dreaming to enhance their real-life skills.

Athletes who take part in sports in the Olympics have also been seen nowadays to improve their skills by going into lucid dreams.

Its use has also been seen in the military. Soon such devices will be made with the help of which the army will be trained in the virtual world.

Some devices will be installed in the army's brain which will take them into a sleep state and make them conscious in dreams.

Japan is currently working on this technology. It is not developed yet but work is going on rapidly.

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Memory Boost

Memory boost due to lucid dream

Look, lucid dreamers may or may not be fast at something but they are definitely fast at remembering things. The point is that learning to lucid dream requires certain techniques.

The main technique among them is to create a dream journal. To learn how to lucid dream as quickly as possible, you have to keep a dream diary.

  • Every morning when you wake up from sleep, you have to remember your dream and write it in the journal.

  • Doing this repeatedly increases your recall power. You are able to remember anything quickly.

If you are a student and you want to learn lucid dreaming then you will benefit a lot from this. You will not only be able to take advantage of lucid dreams but you will also get help in your studies.

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You will be able to remember the things you have read well. You will be able to recall the things you have memorized in the exam very quickly. In a way, we can say that your memory will be boosted.

Creativity Enhancement

Creativity Enhancement due to lucid dreaming

Let us now talk about whether lucid dreaming enhances the creativity of lucid dreamers.

When someone becomes conscious in dreams, that person wants to do everything that he cannot do in the real world. 

Because in such a dream, you get the freedom to do anything, then you would like to do such things which will boost your creativity.

Let me tell you that the idea of an iconic movie like Avatar came to James Cameron from a lucid dream. The kind of creativity shown in that film was all shot in a dream earlier.

The director himself has said that the amazing scenery shown in the film is all inspired by lucid dreams.

From this, you must have guessed that lucid dreams greatly enhance our creativity. It not only makes a person intelligent but also makes him creative.

Everything that you cannot do in the real world becomes possible in the dream world. 

You can try all kinds of things, you can turn any animal into a human being, you can draw pictures in the clouds, and you can make mind-bending buildings with your imagination. You can do whatever you want.

Seeing lucid dreams greatly increases the creativity of our mind and this creativity will benefit you a lot in real life.

If you work in a company and there is a need for creativity, then lucid dreaming will help you creatively solve any problem. 

So, overall, we can say that lucid dreaming not only makes a person intelligent but also increases his creativity and can make him a wonderful director like James Cameron or Christopher Nolan.

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My Personal Experience

It was about school time, I used to study in class 10. At that time I had a lot of problems in public speaking. In our school, we had to give a speech every Friday and because I was the head boy of the school, I had to give that speech only.

I used to prepare a lot for this, but still while giving the speech, my hands and legs would tremble and I would forget the entire speech I had memorized. You can say that my recalling power was very weak.

I was not able to remember the things I read well. This continued for a few months. I was fed up with this.

However, during this time I was aware of the lucid dream. I had read about it about 5 months ago and had tried it, but not actively. Then I decided that I would learn lucid dreaming and practice public speaking in lucid dreams.

So I woke up every morning and started remembering my dreams. Almost 2 months passed while remembering the dream and writing it in the diary. 

I benefited a lot from this. I started having lucid dreams every other day. Then I found that my recalling power had increased to a great extent.

I did not forget the things I read easily. Then I started practicing speech in dreams also. Many times in my dreams, I found myself in school and because it was a vivid dream, I used to give speeches in front of everyone.

The amazing thing was that in the dream I used to give speeches in front of everyone very easily. Even my hands and legs did not tremble in the dream. 

I did this again and again, about 12 to 13 times, I gave a mind-googling speech in front of a mass audience in a lucid dream.

Public speaking in lucid dreaming

Then when I used to give speeches in my school, I was not afraid. Because this experience had become old for me. I had experience and I didn't forget the things I had read.

Lucid dreaming changed my life dramatically. Now I am not at all the same as before.

That's all for today. 

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