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Lucid Dream: How a Fidget Spinner Helps You To Lucid Dream? Inception Movie Technique like Totem

Have you ever thought about dreaming on your own? Through lucid dreaming, you can see the dream as per your wish. There are many methods by which you can know in your dreams that you are dreaming. The name of the method I am going to tell today is "Fidget Spinner Technique".

It is very easy to learn this method. You will learn to lucid dream within 2 to 3 weeks.

How a Fidget Spinner Helps You To Lucid Dream

 How a Fidget Spinner Helps You To Lucid Dream?

The fidget spinner is a very popular toy. You will easily find this spinner in nearby shops. Although it is a children's toy, its craze is increasing among the youth as well.

Scientists believe that this spinner reduces mental stress and provides peace. It is relaxing and comfortable to watch it moving around. It is available in the market at a very cheap rate.

Today you can go to any shop where stationery or gift items are available and buy this spinner.

Now let me show you how to use it to learn lucid dreaming.

See, the most important thing to learn lucid dreaming is the reality check. Reality-checking is considered a cornerstone of lucid dreaming. Without mastering it, lucid dreaming will remain a dream. Without this, you cannot learn lucid dreaming. The reality check is the experiment with the help of which you can differentiate between dream and reality.

This gadget which is a hand spinner will help you to do reality checks.

How a Fidget Spinner Helps You To Lucid Dream

If you have seen the movie "Inception" based on lucid dreaming, you would know that the main character of that movie used this type of spinner every now and then to check his reality. His spinner was a totem that spun on the ground, but this fidget spinner spins only in the hands.

Reality checking with Fidget Spinner

Take the spinner in your hand and spin it vigorously. Then keep watching the spinner carefully. If the spinner stops after a few seconds, you are in the real world. But if the spinner keeps on spinning and does not stop, it means that you are in a dream. 

You have to make a habit of spinning the spinner. Keep spinning the spinner throughout the day. Keep spinning the spinner at intervals of half an hour throughout the day.

When you do this experiment continuously for two-three weeks, it will become a habit. Then you will be able to rotate it even while dreaming in your sleep. Whatever work we do during the day, we start doing that work in our dreams also. If you make the act of spinning the spinner your habit, then this habit will also appear in your dreams.

How a Fidget Spinner Helps You To Lucid Dream

Whenever you spin the spinner in your dream, it will keep on spinning. The spinner will not stop spinning in the dream. You will immediately know that you are in a dream by seeing it spinning continuously. Your logical brain will be activated and you will be able to enjoy lucid dreams.

It may seem strange to spin the spinner again and again during wake time. People will start calling you crazy. But don't pay attention to what people say. Those people don't know what you are learning. You are learning something very powerful that will change your whole life.

Note: One thing you must understand is that just practicing spinner will not make you a champion in lucid dreaming.

Along with this technique, you also have to use dream journaling. To make the spinner technique effective, it would be more beneficial to use MILD and WBTB as well.

If you include the All Day Awareness Technique in Fidget Spinner Technique, then you will get success even sooner.

How a Fidget Spinner Helps You To Lucid Dream


Using the fidget spinner, you can easily enter lucid dreams. During awake time, spin the spinner at the interval every 30 minutes. If the spinner stops automatically after a few seconds, you are not dreaming. But if the spinner keeps on spinning then you are in a dream.


How do I get the fidget spinner?

You can easily get this spinner in any stationery shop or gift shop.

For how many days this experiment has to be done?

Using this method, you will start seeing lucid dreams within two to three weeks. If you want to become an expert in lucid dreaming then you should do this experiment every day.

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